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Nyasha Gandawa (B'23) on Immersing Himself in D.C. and Being Inspired by Experiences
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Nyasha Gandawa (B’23) on Immersing Himself in D.C. and Georgetown Experiences

As the spring semester comes to a close, Georgetown McDonough is pleased to commemorate the accomplishments of the Class of 2023. This year’s graduating class demonstrated immense commitment, discipline, and determination to reach this milestone, and we are proud to recognize their achievements as they embark on their next chapter as Hoya alumni. To celebrate, we’re spotlighting several of the exceptional students in the Class of 2023 as they share their personal stories, reflect on their time on the Hilltop, and preview what the future holds after commencement.

Nyasha Gandawa (B’23) set his sights on Washington, D.C., to pursue a global education in the epicenter of policymaking and economic discussions at Georgetown McDonough. He took advantage of many opportunities during his time in the Undergraduate Program, from interning at the Library of Congress to pursuing the Capitol Applied Learning Labs program (CALL) to entrepreneurial ventures to fencing and more. Grateful for the last few years spent on the Hilltop, Gandawa is ready to embark on his next chapter as a business analyst at McKinsey and Company.

Here, Gandawa shares some of his main takeaways and pivotal lessons from professors, fellow students, and his extracurricular activities at Georgetown.

Nyasha Gandawa (B’23)

What is your favorite memory or proudest moment from your time at Georgetown?

My favorite memory at Georgetown is when I presented my thesis, Flight and Other Government Responsibilities in Fiat Money, in front of faculty members who have shared their love for insight with me. When I looked into the audience and their faces, I saw reminders of what I cherish, which is the joy of curiosity and concerned company.

Is there a particular person in the Georgetown community that has been instrumental to your success?

I would like to thank Abigail Lewis, director of The CALL program at Georgetown. Her enthusiasm for learning infected me and she often provided encouragement and support.

What are your post-graduate plans?

I am joining McKinsey & Company as a business analyst. I also hope to read and write economics papers whenever I can.

What advice would you give to the incoming class of Georgetown undergraduate students?

There are many things to do at Georgetown. This shouldn’t make us tense but it should prompt us to celebrate that we are capable of choosing, which is an honor!

When reflecting on your time at Georgetown, what were some of the most pivotal experiences during your undergraduate career?

I tried to become a good fencer and I’d like to thank the Georgetown fencing team for being there for me while I took on this new endeavor. Additionally, being a research assistant at the Library of Congress was certainly a highlight of my years as an undergraduate student.

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