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Perfecting Networking Through the Lens of Reilly Davis (B’12)

When fostering or honing ideas, identifying key talents, or simply learning more about people and institutions, Reilly Davis (B’12) knows that networks are essential catalysts for growth. 

After all, the connections he made at Georgetown helped shape his career. In turn, Davis launched PeopleGrove, a mentorship and advising platform dedicated to connecting students and alumni, which happens to be the software behind the Hoya Gateway networking platform. 

After graduating from McDonough with a degree in finance, Davis’ professional journey began at Credit Suisse, where he connected with his future business partner, Adam Saven. 

“I hadn’t explored other options,” says Davis. “There was a realization that there were so many things I didn’t do in undergrad that I should have done — like talking to more people. I just followed the standard path.” 

A year into the two-year program with Credit Suisse, Davis realized he was unhappy with his career trajectory and reached out to various contacts for advice and job opportunities. 

“I went through this process of trying to explore what else is out there, and a lot of it involved connecting with other alumni and setting up coffee meetings,” Davis says. “It was an alumnus that I met who made the referral that got me my next job (at Google).” 

Once at Google, Davis and Saven started thinking about how to help other students connect with the right people to get the right job — instead of just the next job. 

“We thought you just study, get great grades, and go on the defined path,” he says. “That’s what got us thinking about how we help people find jobs they love that aren’t on the defined path.”

Davis’ evolving career path, along with the help he received from his network of former professors and alumni, sparked the idea of PeopleGrove. The online networking platform grew quickly, expanding to more than 300 colleges and universities across the country, including Georgetown’s Hoya Gateway.

“It’s imperative for universities today to expand their support networks,” Davis says.

After achieving notable success at PeopleGrove, as well as being named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Davis still enjoys helping and mentoring students and young alumni the same way others helped him.

“I love having a Hoya Gateway profile and having Hoyas reach out to me for so many different reasons,” Davis says. “I also enjoy staying involved with alumni events and helping promote a larger vision on campus to make sure every single student has the kinds of experiences and access that will help them succeed.”

This story was originally featured in the Georgetown Business Spring 2022 Magazine.

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