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Professor Publishes Book of Commentary on International Business and Policy

Understanding all of the issues, thoughts, and arguments about world trade, globalization, and imbalanced distribution of incomes can be challenging, especially for policymakers and business executives who need quick answers and cannot dedicate time to reading elaborate books or manuscripts. 

Georgetown McDonough’s Michael Czinkota, associate professor of international business and marketing, has found a way to share his insights on such complex topics. In his book, As I See It…: Views on International Business, Crises, Innovations, and Freedom, Czinkota takes his research findings and commentaries from the past 30 years and translates them into short, cogent 750-word pieces accompanied by illustrations from award-winning cartoonist David Clark. 

Together with Georgetown McDonough colleague Ilkka Ronkainen, Czinkota has published 10 editions over 25 years of the leading college text on International Marketing. “As I See It…” enables the reader to become well informed by reading two pages and a cartoon, in three minutes at most.

“I try to provide a long-term perspective of issues, campaigns, and phenomena,” said Czinkota. “Going beyond the flavor of the month and conveying a perspective of historic embeddedness is the key purpose of this book. We can learn from the past, not only by understanding what was done before us, but also by appreciating the context in which changes occur.”

In this age of constant change and globalization, political issues not only influence the global business environment, but also impact our lifestyle and expectations.  People have increased access to information, concepts, and data, but can feel overwhelmed with the amount of new responsibilities of staying abreast of the latest current events.  This book not only offers fresh insights, but also real-life understanding and applications on key issues.