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Public-Private Partnerships, Increased Innovation Critical to America’s Business Future

Michael Czinkota, professor of international business and marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, shares policy recommendations to boost American prosperity and jobs in a recent white paper. In the paper, he argues for the next presidential administration to support public-private sector initiatives to rebuild U.S. competence and confidence in its process learning capabilities and commercialization of innovation.

“Training and support of knowledge workers who help to commercialize American innovation, imitation, and incubation is crucial,” he said.

Czinkota offers several possible solutions to improve American competitiveness in the global marketplace, including sponsoring research and training centers, holding an annual case competition focused on process innovation, and awarding innovation scholarships at the local and state levels.

The paper, co-authored by Peter Dickson of Florida International University, recently was published by the American Marketing Association Global Marketing Special Interest Group. To read the full paper, visit (new window).