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Q&A: Meet National Black MBA Fellow Amanda Schultze (MBA’23)

Hometown: Evanston, Illinois

Fun Fact: Growing up, I was a rhythmic gymnast. In 2006, I came in first place and won the U.S. Junior Olympic competition. 

What is something we should know about you? 

I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, for no other reason other than loving animals (and petting zoos) as a kid and boycotting eating meat as a child. It has stuck with me ever since, and there is no going back now!

What is the closest thing to real magic? 

Beyoncé and pasta, in that order.

How has being a National Black MBA Fellow connected you to your student experience?

Being a National Black MBA Fellow has connected me with a sense of purpose and motivation. I am representing myself, my family, my employer KCIC, and the National Black MBA association at Georgetown McDonough. This is such an incredible privilege for which I am deeply grateful. I think being connected to motivation and having a sense of purpose fuels my fire of curiosity, innovation, and achievement. I am beyond happy to have found this in the National Black MBA fellowship and Georgetown.

Schultze with members of the Georgetown McDonough Black MBA Association.

What growth opportunities have enhanced your MBA experience?

I have found growth working with my assigned study teams. It is incredible to work with a group of peers that are not only diverse in race, ethnicity, and nationality, but also have diversity in experience and professional background. I have learned so much from my classes, but I learn just as much from my classmates.

Schultze with her family.

What moments as a National Black MBA Fellow have empowered you?

Opportunities like this Q&A are moments of empowerment, as I feel recognized here at McDonough. These kinds of opportunities offer a moment of deeper reflection that sometimes can be hard to make time for during everyday life, but it is important that we do it. As I have only been with Georgetown for one semester, I am looking forward to more moments of empowerment as my journey here continues.

How has your experience as a National Black MBA Fellow and your time at McDonough prepared you for your postgraduate journey?

Both the National Black MBA fellowship and McDonough are preparing me to become a better leader. I am learning that my unique point of view as a Black/biracial American has merit in the business world and that I should feel empowered to share my perspective. Georgetown McDonough has prepared me to be a better leader through the program’s emphasis on social responsibility in business. This focus on making an impact for the better is shaping my mindset as I grow into this next phase of my career and life.