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Rebecca Leathers (MiM’23) on Staying Focused and Using Holistic Well-Being Practices to Achieve Goals

As the spring semester comes to a close, Georgetown McDonough is pleased to commemorate the accomplishments of the Class of 2023. This year’s graduating class demonstrated immense commitment, discipline, and determination to reach this milestone, and we are proud to recognize their achievements as they embark on their next chapter as Hoya alumni. To celebrate, we’re spotlighting several of the exceptional students in the Class of 2023 as they share their personal stories, reflect on their time on the Hilltop, and preview what the future holds after commencement.

As a Master’s in Management (MiM) student, Rebecca Leathers (MiM’23) has learned firsthand the importance of time management, focus, and dedication to achieving her goals. After taking advantage of the many opportunities presented during her time at McDonough, Leathers is now encouraging future MiM students to be disciplined when it comes to their studies while also making sure they’re taking care of themselves throughout the process; embodying cura personalis, or care for the whole person.

Here, Leathers expresses gratitude to the people who have made a lasting impact on her experience on the Hilltop, both personally and professionally, and shares some of the main takeaways from her time in the MiM program. 

Rebecca Leathers (MiM’23)

What stands out as your favorite memory or proudest accomplishment during your time at Georgetown?

One accomplishment that really stands out to me was winning the Leadership Challenge, which is a part of the Leadership Communications class for the MiM program, with my former team, Blue 1. We were evaluated on a variety of criteria such as delivery, etiquette, and logic, and we managed to outperform all of the other teams in our program to earn the top spot. It was an amazing accomplishment, and I have to give a shoutout to our coach, Anjelique Parnell (MBA ’19), who helped us prepare and improve our communication skills. She played a critical role in our success!

How do you plan to leverage the valuable skills you acquired at Georgetown in your future career?

I look forward to applying the skills I’ve gained at Georgetown to professional projects that have the potential to make a real impact on society and the world. From my improved communications and relational skills, analytical skills from case studies, and my technical skills, I feel confident that I am well equipped to succeed in the next phase of my career and to tackle complex professional projects.

What were some of the most unforgettable moments from your Global Business Experience?

Traveling with a group of peers was a really unforgettable experience that brought us all much closer together. During my Global Business Experience, I had the opportunity to visit Singapore, and it was an incredible adventure. From taking a late-night stroll to grabbing ice cream and watching the Marina Bay Sands light show, the simplest moments were often the most memorable. The city-state itself was thoughtfully planned and truly out of this world. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget.

What is one of the most significant insights you gained during your time at Georgetown?

One of the most valuable lessons I learned during my time at Georgetown is the importance of balance. With the program spanning just 10 months and each module running for only six weeks, the pace was very fast. However, I discovered that maintaining a sense of holistic well-being across multiple domains — including spiritual, emotional, relational, intellectual, and financial — was crucial to thriving in such a demanding environment. At Georgetown, we are students, but ultimately, we are people first.

Are there any particular individuals in the Georgetown community who played a critical role in your success?

I’m incredibly grateful to several people in the Georgetown community who were instrumental in my successes. Specifically, Karen Kouagou, director of career services at McDonough, provided invaluable guidance as I navigated the job offer process. Additionally, my peer and close friend, Vanessa Castro (MiM’23), was an unwavering source of encouragement and support, whether we were working together in study groups, pursuing professional development opportunities, or just sharing life advice. 

Overall, I’ve made many cherished memories with my peers and feel blessed to have such a supportive network. I extend gratitude to my mother and my family, all of my classmates, the faculty and staff at Georgetown, and everyone who contributed to making my experience in the MiM program memorable. 

What are your plans following graduation from Georgetown?

I’m excited to be joining Deloitte and starting my career in federal consulting. I am eager to work on high-impact higher education projects.

What advice would you offer to future Georgetown MiM students?

My biggest piece of advice to future Georgetown MiM students would be to embrace exploration – explore, explore, explore. Use this awesome opportunity to explore new subjects, cultures, hobbies, and most importantly, different aspects of yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, take risks, and step out of your comfort zone. And remember that time management is critical to success in such a fast-paced program. Every second counts, and the year will fly by before you know it.

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