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Should the Financial Markets Close? Georgetown Center Hosts Expert Panel on Market Value Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The continued spread of COVID-19 throughout the world has posed serious uncertainty and volatility in global financial markets in recent weeks, prompting debate about whether markets should remain open during times of crises. 

On March 26, the Center for Financial Markets and Policy (CFMP) at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business hosted a discussion about the functioning of markets during these unprecedented times and the policy implications of choosing to close or ban certain activities during periods of extreme stress. 

The webinar was moderated by Mike Piwowar, executive director of the Milken Institute Center for Financial Markets and CFMP distinguished policy fellow. Panelists included former Commodity Futures Trading Commission chief economists James Overdahl and Jeff Harris, along with former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission chief economists Larry Harris, Chester Spatt, and Craig Lewis.

Watch the webinar and read key takeaways on the CFMP website.

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