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Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series Announces Podcast Edition

Georgetown McDonough’s Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series is proud to announce the launch of the Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series: Podcast Edition — made possible through the continued support of Georgetown parents, Daniel and Mary Stanton (P’12, P’14).

The podcast is inspired by the original Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series as another avenue to present the insights from executives who are renowned in their fields. Each episode follows a conversation where they share their unique experiences with the Georgetown McDonough community and engage in dialogue about leadership in an ever-changing world. 

“I’m delighted that the series will now reach a broader audience through the podcast edition. Audiences who could not attend these events now can listen to the inspirational stories anytime and anywhere,” said Daniel Stanton.

The first season of the Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series Podcast Edition draws from programs held over the last few years and addresses significant issues in the business environment, including diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), women in sports, sustainable business, artificial intelligence (AI), international relations, global markets, and more. 

The Season One playlist includes:

Episode 1: A Conversation with David Rubenstein, co-founder and co-executive chairman, The Carlyle Group

Episode 2: Championing a Diverse Workforce – A Conversation with Capital One’s Meghan Welch

Episode 3: Purpose in Crisis – A Conversation with BlackRock’s Frank Cooper

Episode 4: A Conversation with John Waldron, president and COO of The Goldman Sachs Group

Episode 5: A Conversation with Mark Dunkerley, former CEO of Hawaiian Airlines

Episode 6: A Conversation with Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat 

Episode 7: A Conversation with Pauline Brown, former CEO LVMH

Episode 8: Washington Women in Sports:

  • Sarah Crennan, head of content, Yahoo Sports
  • Nancy Huubacker, vice president of sales and marketing, Washington Football League
  • Patty Pierre-Leonardi, owner, PMSI
  • Rebecca Winn, vice president of marketing, Washington Wizards

Hosted by Stephanie Martineau (MBA’21), director of events, the series is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. For more information about upcoming episodes or to listen, please visit

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