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Student Group One Bridge – Two Communities Wins Case Competition

First Year Seminar (FYS) students recently participated in the 2016 FYS Case Competition. The student group named One Bridge – Two Communities took home first place with an outstanding presentation that implemented the vision of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Washington D.C. (LISC DC). 

Georgetown McDonough first years Owen Walsh, Jackson Morris, Peter Citterio, Katie Merola, Jack Przypyszny, Evan Wall, Alex Viola, Sera Hwang, and Raehaan Poonia utilized their collective knowledge on community development and what they had learned in The Real Estate Game, the FYS course taught by Matthew Cypher and Thomas Cooke about real estate and engaging with the industry in tangible ways, to place first at the event. 

This year’s FYS 2016 Case Competition was centered around the 11th Street Park Bridge Project, a local Washington, D.C., initiative to provide the city bridge parks. By creating a walkable path over major rivers surrounding Washington, D.C., the project seeks to bridge adjacent communities and provide lush, green parks for public recreational activities. The students recommended how to best appropriate funding for the construction and navigate the public construction project process.