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Student Spotlight – Bianca Jemsten

Bianca Jemsten (B ’17) found a creative avenue toward her future ambitions. At a time when many of her peers were participating in case workshops and applying for financial positions, Jemsten found a passion for corporate event planning with Linder Global Events.

Looking back on her junior year, Jemsten recalled that “Initially, I was looking at internships within the finance industry. Considering the influence I felt by my peers, as well as the large presence of top-tier banks on campus, I felt compelled to enter this competitive recruiting process.” 

However, she soon realized that investment banking was not for her. So, she made an appointment with a career counselor, who steered her toward her passions.

“With this in mind, I went on Hoya Career Connection looking for descriptions that got me excited,” she said. “I ended up finding a posting from Linder Global Events about an internship at their Glover Park office here in D.C.” 

Using the university’s tools for alumni outreach, Jemsten found Linder, an industry leading corporate event planning firm that organizes trade fairs, corporate retreats, fundraising events, and more for Fortune 100 companies. She soon found herself accepting an internship offer for the summer of her junior year. 

“What drew me to event management was the problem-solving aspect of it,” she said. “Each event is like a puzzle where you need to figure out how you can piece together your client’s vision with the values of their organization or firm and bring that to life with the right venue, catering, décor, etc.”

Jemsten said her day-to-day tasks varied throughout the internship. “I created a database of venues for a gala in New York; I worked an event at the Nationals Stadium; I came on-site for a walk through of the Ronald Reagan building with a client; and I did talent research and booked a band for a summit, just to mention some of them.”

Lastly, Jemsten noted how some of her Georgetown McDonough experiences helped prepare her for her internship. “If there was anything in school that prepared me for the internship, I would say it is the many group projects I have had in the business school. Since the firm is divided into smaller teams, being able to work efficiently with other people is crucial to the business.”

For other students starting their internship search, Jemsten advised that it’s ok to deviate from what you think you’re supposed to do.

“Internships are for trying out different experiences, and sometimes finding out what you do not want to do can be just as helpful. If anything, it will leave you with a broader skill set and a more well-rounded person,” she said.

If you are interested in a similar internship or would like general guidance, be sure to visit your dean or the Undergraduate Office of Professional Development.