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Students Visit Estēe Lauder, Horizon Media and More on Fall Career Trek to NYC

In October, 18 members of the Georgetown Advertising and Marketing Association participated in a career trek to New York City. This year’s trek connected students to executives at some of the world’s biggest retail, entertainment, and cosmetics corporations.

The trek took students throughout Manhattan to meet with alumni and other professionals from Estēe Lauder, Horizon Media, Ann Inc., and The Gap. At each stop, students learned about the company, how it operates in today’s economic environment, and about each organization’s hiring processes. In addition, students toured each company’s office, seeing how different firms implement their brands in their space. 

“I really enjoyed the trip because it was extremely helpful in helping me figure out what kind of company culture I want to work in,” said Yasmeen Sharara (B’17). “There is a big difference between seeing statistics on how well a company is doing on paper versus walking in and experiencing their corporate culture and interpersonal relationships.” 

Career treks, sponsored by the Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Office of Professional Development, are organized to expose students to the varying degrees of corporate culture and work environments he or she may be interested in. Another career trek to NYC will take place in the spring of 2017.