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Summer Global Social Internship Program Expands

For the previous two summers, Georgetown McDonough students spent 5 to 10 weeks in Fabretto’s Sistema de Aprenizaje Tutorial (Tutorial Learning System, also known as SAT) program in Nicaragua to help local high school students create successful business plans and develop realistic perspectives to produce profitable organizations for the student cooperative. This year, the Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program Office has expanded the program, sponsoring 12 students to work in non-profit internships in Nicaragua, Peru, Costa Rica, India, and China.

“In Nicaragua, I was afforded the opportunity to work for an organization with a mission to give back and improve the world,” said Brittany Maupin, B’18.  “The experience was gratifying and enlightening. When considering developing countries, we far too frequently assume that lacking the material objects upon which we fascinate is devastating. I quickly learned that what Nicaraguans may lack financially, they more than compensate for with their love, joy, and generosity.”

While the program has expanded significantly this year, the program hopes to continue to grow in the summer of 2016, partnering with the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya to help local entrepreneurs secure micro-financing to start their own businesses.