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Summer Internship Spotlight: Bianca Lopez de Victoria (MBA'20), Microsoft


Each year, our students spend their summers in Washington, D.C., across the nation, and around the world working in corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations. Meet a few of our graduate and undergraduate students in this summer’s Internship Spotlight Series.

Bianca Lopez de Victoria (MBA’20)

Business Program Manager Summer Intern, Microsoft
Seattle, WA

What are you doing this summer?

I’m working as a Business Program Manager in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace organization. My main project this summer is to work across organizations, with the Market Research team and Customer and Partner Experience team to consolidate and analyze customer perspective and satisfaction for the Modern Workplace organization. 

How does your internship relate to your professional or personal interests?

Before business school I worked at a tech company but as a financial analyst. I knew I wanted to stay in the tech sector but doing something different. Therefore, working as a program manager at Microsoft has been in line with my short-term career switch goal. I’m also having the opportunity to develop strategy and project management skills within the sales organization, which is a new experience for me coming from finance. 

How did you find the internship?

I found out about Microsoft’s summer MBA internship through on-campus recruiting. Microsoft hosted a few events at McDonough during Fall 2018 that I attended and had the opportunity to network and meet current employees and alumni. 

What’s the most interesting or impactful aspect of your internship?

I’m planning on joining Microsoft’s hackathon in a few weeks where I will be working very closely with multiple non-profit organizations.