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Undergraduate Students and Faculty Honored at Tropaia

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business recognized students graduating with honors from the Undergraduate Program on Friday, May 20, during the school’s annual Tropaia.  Watch the video.

During the ceremony, the recipient of the Rita Zekas Sielicki Award, which is named after the first female graduate of the McDonough School of Business, Analise Amaia Irigoyen, addressed her classmates to reflect on the unprecedented challenges of the past four years on the Hilltop. 

Analise Amaia Irigoyen, recipient of the Rita Zekas Sielicki Award, addressing the Class of 2022 at Tropaia.

As Irigoyen reiterated throughout her speech, the hardest moments proved the Class of 2022’s ability to persevere – and thrive – during difficult times. 

“I think we can all agree we have had a college experience like no other,” said Irigoyen. “Yet our class has taken this experience in stride, growing and learning from each unexpected challenge thrown our way. Why? Because we’re Hoyas.”

Irigoyen believes their ability to embrace the “messiness” of life is their greatest strength as they enter the next stage of their lives. 

“Accepting that life is messy means realizing that we can’t control every mess but we can always control how we react to them and what we learn from them,” she says. “It means understanding that challenges are presented to us so that we can overcome them, and see just how strong and capable we truly are.”

During the Tropaia program, the following students received awards:

Academic Honors

Valedictorian Award and Dean’s Medal

Sean Matthew Doherty

Salutatorian Award

Joshua Alexander Solesbury

Reverend Joseph S. Sebes Award (significant overall contribution to the welfare and reputation of the school)

Aaryn Judith Taft

Othmar W. Winkler Award (demonstrating a strong concern for others and the less privileged especially in the Washington, D.C. community)

Zachary Charles Sisitsky

Joseph Delamour Thibault

Sishi Wang

Undergraduate Dean’s Award (most significant overall contribution in the area of social enterprise or social entrepreneurship either in the local or global community)

Gracey Fonville Owen

Rita Zekas Sielicki Award (demonstrating superior achievement in scholarship, fostering a culture of collaboration in an evolving global environment, and committing themselves to the service of their community)

Analise Amaia Irigoyen

Summa Cum Laude Students (3.923 GPA or above)

Christine Rose Argentino

Jack Corrigan Buckley

Marco Anthony DiVito

Sean Matthew Doherty

Kaylin Hu

Analise Amaia Irigoyen

Sean Kazmi

John Sidney Kirk III

Patricia Kathleen Kober

Penn Fullerton Koeneman

Tiffany Faith Ku

Matthew Joseph Luneburg

Max McCool

Arjun Mittal

Divij Mullick

Andrew Scott Nestle

John Kaseberg Picker

Mikaela Maria Rank Mathies

Samuel Harrison Reiter

Conor Ryan Shannon

Shana Seunghyun Shin

Joshua Alexander Solesbury

Elli Josephine Sweet

Ziling Wang

Natalie Isabelle Wisco

Francesco Donato Zeolla

Bryan Zhou

Accounting Awards

Deloitte Award for Accounting Excellence

Mary Grace Evers

George Houston Accounting Achievement Award (highest academic achievement in the field of accounting)

Analise Amaia Irigoyen

Divij Mullick

Georgetown University Accounting Society Award for Service & Excellence (excellence in the leadership of and in service to undergraduate accounting students)

Matthew Alexander Ray

Hoffman-Galasso Family Award (exceptional contributions to the Accounting Department)

Sanna Quirine Catherina ten Cate

Accounting Faculty Award for Academic Excellence

Sean Matthew Doherty

Finance Awards

Lynn Doran Award for Academic Excellence in Finance

Jack Corrigan Buckley

Jon Lynch Award for Achievement in Finance

Sankalp Panigrahi

Michael and Robin Psaros Award for Excellence in Investments

Patricia Kathleen Kober

Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy Award for Achievement in International Finance

Pranav Atul Kampani

Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy Engagement Award 

Rohan Arora Sindhwani

Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy Award for Excellence in Financial Education

Colton Marcus Scrudder

Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy Award for Excellence in Finance New Frontiers

Lindsey Morgan Golotko

Psaros Center for Financial Markets and Policy Excellence in Research Award

Joshua Alexander Solesbury

Robert and Lauren Steers Award for Excellence in Real Estate Finance

Gia Bella Fini

International Business Awards

Interlink Capital Strategies Corporation (outstanding performance in the study of international business)

William Alexander McNamara

Ilkka A. Ronkainen Award for International Business and Marketing (high academic achievement in both the marketing and international business fields)

Andrea Sofia Delgado

Megan Lauren Joson

International Business Faculty Award for Academic Excellence 

Hussamaddin Saadaddin Alhariri

Management Awards

Elutions, Inc. Award (academic excellence in leadership and management studies)

Michelle Li

NFI Industries Award (academic excellence in management studies)

Hussamaddin Saadaddin Alhariri

William J. Usery Award (excellence in the study of negotiation and mediation)

Layla C. Weiss

William J. Curtin Award (academic excellence in leadership)

Aaryn Judith Taft

Swift Glass Company Award (academic excellence in innovation)

Salome Mikadze

Ciarrocchi Award (academic excellence in management studies)

Mary Madison Hillard

McDonough School of Business Management Faculty Award for Academic 

Excellence in Human Capital and Human Resource Management

Maxwell Grant Peck

Marketing Awards

Johny K. Johansson International Marketing Award

Francesca Canovi

IMAX Marketing Research Award (excellence in marketing research coursework)

Bayley Hu Wivell

IMAX Marketing Scholar Award (scholastic achievement in the study of marketing)

Arjun Mittal

McDonough School of Business Marketing Faculty Award for Academic Excellence

Maggie Ann Chen

Operations and Information Management Awards

Deloitte Award for Operations and Information Management (service and high academic achievement)

Kaylin Hu

PricewaterhouseCoopers Award for Service and Scholarship in Operations and Information Management

Ananya Chowla

McDonough School of Business Operations and Information Management Faculty Award for Academic Excellence

Joshua Alexander Solesbury

Faculty Awards

Faculty Research Award 

Jennie Bai, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor

Stephen J. Weymouth, Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor and Dewey Award Fellow 

Joseph F. Lemoine Award for Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Excellence

Sezer Ulku, associate professor and academic director of the MBA Global Business Experience

Faculty Award for Extraordinary Service

Valeria H. Bellagamba, associate dean of academic and global operations

Robert C. Johnston, project manager and building manager

Robert Thomas, professor of marketing

Peter W. Gonzalez, Jr. Award for Excellence in Adjunct Faculty Teaching

Damian M. Saccocio, adjunct professor

Academic Council Professor of the Year Student Choice Award

Robert J. Bies, professor of management 

Undergraduate Program