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Spring 2023

In this issue: Alumni experts Neil Hamlett (EMBA’11), Kristie Cole (IBP’21), and Keihan Sedghi (EMBA’97) offer tips on navigating the growing landscape of AI, Stephen Davenport (EMBA’06) shares how transparency leads to stronger governments, and Naomi Hansen (B’95) fights food insecurity with backyard gardens. We also delve into the world of entrepreneurship and highlight the success stories and interesting paths of McDonough alumni who have launched their own businesses.

Spring 2023 Issue

Fall 2022

In this issue: Igor Smelyanski (MBA’05) navigates Ukraine’s national postal service during the chaos of war, Angel Dotomain (B’99) combines her Cup’ik and Inupiaq heritage and her business degree to lead the Indian Health Services Alaska Area, and alumni lead the way for sustainable business practices.

Fall 2022 Issue

Spring 2022

In this issue: Faculty and alumni explore the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion, McDonough partners with the Jesuit Curia to launch a program focused on balance, decision-making, and discernment in leadership, and alumni find volunteer opportunities tailored to their skills through the PILLARS program. 

Spring 2022 Issue
Business Magazine spring 2019 cover with MBA alumni Wendi Norris

Spring 2019

In this issue: Alumni innovate how and where we experience fine art, how leaders lean and adapt to changing business environments, what happens when the beer and tuna industries decide not to compete, and more.

Fall 2018 Business Magazine cover with MBA alumni Kelsey Lents and JP Coakley

Fall 2018

In this issue: One man never gave up on his dream to graduate from Georgetown, coworking spaces are changing how people work, how civility can combat the devastating effects of rudeness in the workplace, and more.

Spring 2018 Business Magazine Cover with EML alumni Kathryn Procope

Spring 2018

In this issue: A couple says farewell to work to travel around the globe for a year, a leadership program works to change the face of public school education in D.C., how the growing population of older adults has businesses scrambling, and more.

Fall 2017 Business Magazine cover with dean paul almedia

Fall 2017

In this issue: Introducing new dean Paul Almeida, alumni on the fintech frontier, entrepreneurial students write books, and more.

Spring 2017 Business Magazines cover with alumni Febin Bllamy

Spring 2017

In this issue: Celebrating the often invisible workers who keep Georgetown University running, alumni in the sharing economy, 60 years of research, and more.

Fall 2016 Business Magazine cover with Bachelor alumni Randy Goldberg

Fall 2016

In this issue: Inside the TV show Shark Tank, the best business advice from Georgetown McDonough alumni, research into global manufacturing shifts, and more.

Spring 2016 Business Magazine Cover with MBA Alumni April Bonds

Spring 2016

In this issue: Georgetown graduates reveal the rewards and challenges of joining the family business, research uncovers a surprising negotiation tactic, and more.

Fall 2015 Business Magazine cover with Pop Francis

Fall 2015

In this issue: Experts assess the global impact of Pope Francis, alumni help companies adapt to changing entertainment preferences, new research on the benefits of doing things on your own, and more.

Spring 2015 Business Magazine Cover with Shaq

Spring 2015

In this issue: NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal talks about his achievements and business deals, what companies can do to tighten cyber security, how real estate students are using a local office building as a laboratory, new research into underdog consumer brands, and more.

Fall 2014 Business Magazine Cover with Bachelor Alumni Vincent Ko

Fall 2014

In this issue: How alumni are tapping crowdfunding to launch companies, working with the SEC, why attitudes about women in the workforce don’t match reality, one alumnus’ powerful fight against paralysis, and more.

Spring 2014 Business Magazine Cover Story

Spring 2014

In this issue: Alumni tap emerging markets in Africa, research on CEOs with lavish lifestyles, influencers in the restaurant industry, and more. PLUS: Custom executive education programs offer new perspectives to global leaders.

Fall 2013 Business Magazine Cover Story 30 years of the Georgetown MBA

Fall 2013

In this issue: Thirty years of the Georgetown MBA, innovations in the apparel industry, consumer-generated advertising, and more.

Spring 2013 Business Magazine Cover Story Gaming takes off in business classroom with superman like figure

Spring 2013

In this issue: Gaming takes off in business classrooms, Silicon Valley draws the tech set, students make real deals, and more.

Winter 2013 Business Magazine Cover Story The Business of Medicine

Winter 2013

In this issue: The business of medicine, U2’s Bono on social enterprise, stakeholder engagement done right, and more.

Fall 2012 Business Magazine Cover Story Ballot Measures

Fall 2012

In this issue: Researchers study how and why we vote, alumni power players in showbiz, D.C. business benefit from student consulting, and more.

Spring 2012 Business Magazine Cover Story Bottling Benevolence

Spring 2012

In this issue: A refreshing inside look at social responsibility, entrepreneurs of business ethics, students on the stock market, and more.

Fall 2011 Business Magazine cover with Dean David Thomas

Fall 2011

In this issue: Dean David A. Thomas on social change and social media, big business in a small world, alumni social networkers, and more.

Spring 2011 Business Magazine Cover Story Finding a Fit, work and home pieces come together for employees

Spring 2011

In this issue: Work and home pieces come together for employees, a fond farewell to Dean George Daly, and more.

Fall 2010 Business Magazine Cover Story Combat to Corporate Service members swap boots for suits

Fall 2010

In this issue: Service members swap boots for suits, a book worthy of Buffett, going clean and green, and more.

Spring 2010 Business Magazine Cover Story Feature fatigue when does utility become futility

Spring 2010

In this issue: When utility becomes futility, training Latin America’s next leaders, doing good meets doing well, and more.

Fall 2009 Business Magazine Cover Story Stars of Service Alumni in government shape policy for the public good

Fall 2009

In this issue: Alumni in government shape policy for the public good, changing how we look at change, students gain worldly views, and more.

Spring 2009 Business Magazine Cover Story big idea for small devices students create multimedia tours for the hearing impaired

Spring 2009

In this issue: Students create multimedia tours for the hearing impaired, inside the minds of alumni entrepreneurs, researching risky business, and more.