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  • Why Risk of Contracting Coronavirus isn’t Enough to Keep People Apart

    “The ways in which we process information about risk make it difficult for us to understand how risky it is to be in contact with others,” professor Catherine Tinsley of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business told Fox News. “There is something called a ‘near miss’ bias, which is: when people engage in an activity that they know has some risk but then nothing bad happens to them, they tend to ignore that the good outcome was partly due to luck.”

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  • How the NBA is Planning to Save its Season After the Coronavirus Forced a Suspension

    “It certainly would be the first place to think about,” said Marty Conway, an adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. “The NBA also has a solid history of not only playing Summer League, but also the commercial opportunities that they’ve built around the Summer League and everything that goes with it.”

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  • How Remote Study is Changing Business School Life

    “We do feel the students’ pain, the challenge they are facing, not just moving from face-to-face teaching to a virtual classroom but having to study from home and concerns about the future jobs market,” says Paul Almeida, dean of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in Washington DC.

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  • Tokyo Olympics Postponement Will Have Devastating Impact on Sports TV Revenue, Experts Say

    Thomas Cooke, a professor of business law at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, says NBC and other media companies will likely have to consider 2020 a lost year. “(The advertisers) bought time for an event that’s not going to take place,” he said in a phone call. “They should be covered by contractual law to not be held liable for paying for ads that an event that’s not going to take place. That’s a no-brainer. Now we have media that’s stuck with empty advertising time. Who’s going to fill that time? And before we get too excited with filling that time, let’s consider in this environment we’re not traveling, we’re not substantially shopping, so that’s going to cut back on who would be interested in advertising. There’s no way you recoup that in 2021. You wind up with a lost year.”

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  • The LA Rams Reveal New Look—Amid Pandemic—to Mixed Reviews

    But there might be a deeper issue with the new logo, according to Georgetown University marketing professor Christie Nordhielm. Logos, she noted, are meant to capture and invoke a brand’s value—not create it. “It’s supposed to be a familiar reminder, a repository of brand value,” Nordhielm said. Rather than ensuring that the logo continues to communicate the brand’s established identity, she said, the team seems to have approached the redesign as a new advertising campaign. “It’s a strategic error,” she added. “A misunderstanding of what a logo is.”

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  • A Day in the Life of Bill Novelli and Diane Ty

    One of the co-founders of the global PR agency Porter Novelli, Bill Novelli is a recognized leader in social marketing and social change. He is a professor of practice in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, and teaches courses in Corporate Social Responsibility, Principled Leadership for Business and Society, and Leadership and Management of Non-profit Organizations. Diane Ty is Senior Partner leading the Portion Balance Coalition and AgingWell Hub at Business for Impact – an initiative founded by Bill Novelli at McDonough; its mission is to help solve the world’s most pressing issues by delivering world-class education and impactful student experience, and through direct action with global companies, nonprofits and government leaders.

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  • In a First, NYSE Will Close its Trading Floor and Conduct Remote Trading Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

    “Their orders are getting executed electronically,” said Reena Aggarwal, professor of finance and director of the Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy.

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  • Battling the Virus Strengthens Education

    We give you here an article written by two Michael Czinkotas dealing with the same issue: one is Professor in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, the other is the nephew, a student with most experience gathered in Germany.

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  • How Recruiters Rank Business Schools

    This year’s results also include two fewer categories, as BW removed Best-Trained MBAs and Entrepreneurship Training from the mix. That said, a key measure –Innovative and Creative Graduates – remains intact. That was good news for Georgetown McDonough, which climbed from 3rd to 1st in this category. Washington Foster jumped from 8th to 2nd, while Georgia Tech claimed 3rd – after being unranked the year before.

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  • Progress On Campus Free Speech?

    For example, Downs describes Georgetown business and law professor John Hasnas as an “internal entrepreneur” working quietly to build a strong campus consensus on free speech and due process.

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