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Accounting Faculty Seminars and Workshops

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The accounting and business law area and finance faculty members regularly organize seminars and workshops for fellow faculty members.

Accounting and Finance Workshop Schedule
Fall 2014 Schedule

September 5 
Ashwini Agrawal
(New York University)
September 12 
Lars-Alexander Kuehn
(Carnegie Mellon)
September 19
Darren Roulstone
(Ohio State University)
September 26
Andrew Ellul 
(Indiana University)
October 3
Justin Hopkins
(University of Virginia)
October 10
Youli Zou
(George Washington University)
October 17
Philip Berger
(University of Chicago)
October 24 
Charles Hadlock
(Michigan State University)
November 14
Sudarshan Jayaraman
(University of Rochester)
November 21 
Heitor Almeida
(University of Illinois)
November 21
Paul Fischer
(University of Pennsylvania)
December 5 
Jeff Wurgler
(New York University)"> ~jwurgler
Workshops are 10:30 a.m., unless indicated otherwise.
For room location or manuscript, contact Emma Thompson at