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Finance Faculty Seminars and Workshops

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The finance and accounting faculty members regularly organize seminars and workshops for fellow faculty members.

Finance and Accounting Workshop Schedule
Spring 2015 Schedule

February 6
Dennis Campbell
(Harvard Business School)
February 20
Ravindra Sastry
(Southern Methodist University) 
February 27
Nagel Stefan
(University of Michigan)
March 6
Greg Miller
(University of Michigan)
{ Link Expired }
March 27
Jennifer Blouin
(University of Pennsylvania - Wharton)
{ Link Expired }
April 17
Murillo Campello
(Cornell University)
April 24
Leonid Kogan
May 8
Xiaohui Gao Bakshi
(University of Maryland) 
Workshops are at 10:30 a.m., unless indicated otherwise.
For room locations or manuscripts, contact Emma Thompson at