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Careers and Internships

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McDonough Office of Professional Development Programming


Today’s students have more career options than ever.  In fact, many jobs available today didn’t exist even five years ago. As such, students must be acutely aware of their own strengths, skills, motivations and values to develop a sustainable career plan that meets the needs of an ever-changing job market. The McDonough Office of Professional Development supports students in this process of self-discovery, career education and network-building to create a career that will carry them throughout life.

Current students: click here to make an appointment with a career coach.

Need credit for an internship?  Click here to register for MGMT 310, 311 or 312.


Career coaches are available through the Office of Professional Development to assist students in the process of discovery through reflection. Coaches use on-line assessments, individual coaching techniques and goal setting to help students gather information about their skills, strengths, values and motivations, thus empowering students to create their own unique individual career goals and strategies.

Discovery and Reflection Programs

- One-on-one career coaching

- Career Workshop Series 

- Facul-Teas


In addition to reflecting on one’s own strengths, skills, values and motivations, students must also learn about the wide variety of careers available upon graduation. The Office of Professional Development offers a wide variety of programming to help students explore industries, job functions and career paths to Georgetown students.

Career Education Programs

- Industry Panel Series

- Student Group Programming

- Career Treks

- Skill Development Workshops

- Winter Break Bootcamp

- Cawley Career Education Center 

"It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” as the saying goes. The Hoya network is one of the strongest in the nation, if not the world, and the Office of Professional Development works with alumni, graduate students and upperclassmen to provide networking and mentorship opportunities for undergraduates throughout the school year.

McDonough Mentorship Programs

- Alumni in Residence

- Alumni Mentor Program

- Informational Interviews

- MBA Networking Events

- Senior Coaches