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KPMG and Georgetown’s Americas Leadership Development Program

Nurturing extraordinary leadership.

In the complex and dynamic landscape of global business, investing in leadership development is key to staying ahead. KPMG International, with its vast network spanning 152 countries and over 189,000 professionals, recognized the significance of empowering its leaders in the Latin American region. Enter the Americas Leadership Development Program, a collaborative effort between KPMG and Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, aimed at nurturing leadership excellence.

About KPMG International

KPMG International’s independent member firms boast a global presence with 189,000 professionals, including over 9,000 partners, operating in 152 countries. Known for its commitment to being the “clear choice,” KPMG places a strong emphasis on investing in its people and leadership. This commitment led to the creation of the Americas Leadership Development Program in partnership with Georgetown McDonough.

The Program Overview

The Americas Leadership Development Program is a nine-day initiative, strategically divided into three modules and hosted in São Paulo, Mexico City, and Washington, D.C. Since its inception in 2015, the program has educated and empowered more than 200 leaders within the Latin American region. The collaboration between Georgetown faculty, senior KPMG executives, and guest speakers ensures a rich and diverse learning experience.

The program delves into a comprehensive range of topics crucial for leadership excellence, including:

  • Performance management
  • Communication
  • Leading change
  • Leading teams
  • Design thinking

Georgetown’s faculty, alongside senior KPMG executives and guest speakers, share their expertise in each module, creating a holistic learning environment that goes beyond theoretical concepts.

Program Impact and Participant Testimonials

Participants in this multi-city program focus on building personal leadership skills, developing and leading others, and influencing the organization. Georgetown faculty lead sessions that integrate cultural activities in each city, fostering a deeper understanding of the local context. Executive dialogue between senior firm leaders and external experts ensures a curriculum firmly connected to real-world practices.

Carlos Fernandez Galguera, partner of Financial Services at KPMG, shared his experience, highlighting the professors’ global vision and exposure to different clients. He emphasizes their ability to tailor sessions to KPMG’s unique context, making the program an enriching and tailored experience for the participants.

“It is a pleasure and privilege to partner with Georgetown,” said Marcelo De Lucca, partner of People, Performance, and Culture–South America at KPMG. “At KPMG, we have a vision to be the clear choice. Part of the clear choice statement, and one of the most important pillars, is that our people are extraordinary.”

The Americas Leadership Development Program stands as a testament to the commitment of KPMG and Georgetown McDonough to foster exceptional leadership in a globally connected world. As participants continue to benefit from this unique collaboration, the program serves as a beacon for organizations seeking to invest in their people and cultivate extraordinary leadership that can navigate the challenges of the ever-evolving business landscape.

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Jasmine Lamb contributed to this article.
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