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Transform Companies with Value-Based Analytics

A company’s ability to craft, access, and use data provides them remarkable insights and advantages. While organizations across industries have realized the competitive edge and efficiencies gained in using big data, they also have realized the number of leaders who can manage it correctly is in short supply. In its 2018 Workforce Report, LinkedIn declared a national shortage of 151,717 professionals with data science skills. Companies find themselves in desperate need of leaders who understand how to effectively use large data sets guided by ethical considerations to make key decisions and create strategies for a positive, economic, social, and environmental impact. 

The combination of business knowledge, applied data analytics skills, ethical training from excellent faculty, and the strong network presented in the Georgetown MSBA ensure you are ready to lead value-based, data-driven strategies in the sector of your choice.

Georgetown’s MSBA can propel you to the career you want in the role you desire. You will graduate from a world-class institution with the education and connections necessary to accelerate your career and to create, share, and sustain value for your organization and community.

“Employers are looking for people who can both manage data and understand business. The Georgetown MSBA program provides students with not only the technical skills and business applications but also the so-called power skills that are required to be successful for any of these leadership roles that require analytics knowledge.”

Sudipta Dasmohapatra, MSBA Academic Director and Professor of the Practice 

Data Science Skills Are in Demand

Demand for computer and information scientists is strong, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting 22% growth through 2030. Professionals with cloud computing skills are in high demand as organizations across industries rely on the technology for data storage, management, and security.

667,600new computer and information technology jobs through 2030BLS, 2021
$126,830median annual salary for computer and information scientistsBLS, 2021
$332.3 billionin total worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services in 2021Cloud Services Report by Gartner, 2021

Choose Your Role and Your Industry

As organizations encounter massive volumes and varieties of data, they are relying on skilled specialists who can sift through big data, predict trends, and identify opportunities.

The skills you develop through the MSBA program can give you a competitive advantage in the job market. Georgetown’s emphasis on cloud computing, supported by collaborations with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft, prepares you to meet the evolving demands of business intelligence and data management. With worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services forecasted to grow 23.1% in 2021, building your expertise in this area sets you up for professional success.

The MSBA prepares you, in just 16 months, to step into roles such as a data scientist, analytics manager, machine learning engineer, quantitative analyst, business analytics consultant, or operations analyst in key growth sectors such as consulting, financial services, risk management, technology, supply chain management, and retailing.

Career Spotlights

Data Scientists, $92,500 – $185K

Data scientists are expected to use structured and unstructured data sets to discover root causes to challenges and develop solutions through programming, visualization, and statistical modeling. Based on the insights they derive, they are also expected to model predictions of future challenges and potential solutions.

According to the 2018 Burtchworks Study, data scientist salaries ranged from $92,500 – $185,000, depending on their years of experience and whether they managed a small team. The Indeed 2019 update reported data scientist job postings increased by 31% in the year prior.

Quantitative Analyst, $106,751

Quantitative analysts develop, implement, and test complex mathematical models so that they can accurately reduce risk and generate greater profits as they make decisions regarding investments, pricing, trades, and more. Glassdoor reports this role has an average salary of $106,751 per year as of July 2020. 

Lifelong Career Support

As a part of the online MSBA program at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, you join a powerful network of professionals and gain access to lifelong career support.

Once you enroll in the MSBA, you gain access to our dedicated director of career services. At the start the program you can gain access to valuable resources that help you create your job search strategy including:

These early tasks can help you ask informed questions and provide a real-world look into shaping your future. 

As you approach graduation, and throughout your entire career, you can contact us to guide you through: 

In addition, the MSBA provides you access to an influential network of Georgetown University alumni through Hoya Gateway, so you can find mentors and create outstanding, mutually beneficial relationships. You will find alumni in major organizations around the globe who readily welcome your call.

MSBA Director, Career Services: Laura Venos

Laura Venos (she/her) is the Director, Career Services for the MSBA program and students. Laura has spent nearly two decades helping students achieve their goals. She left her mark in higher education at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, George Washington University School of Business, and Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. Most recently, Laura spent 6 years supporting students at McLean High School with their college and career pursuits with a focus on equity and mental health. She was also the first hire at Loper, a start-up that has released a fit-first college search app for students. Laura is excited to bring her deep knowledge of the job market, career search strategies, and calming demeanor to MSBA students, alumni, and employers. Laura went to the University of Richmond for undergrad and has her MA in Counseling from GW. She lives in Arlington with her husband, two children, and energetic dog.

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