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General FAQ

What is the duration of the MSBA program?

You can complete the program in 16 months. 

Is this program available as a part-time program, full-time, or both?

The program is part-time and lockstep. Outside of the Capstone Project, you will be enrolled in two courses at any given time. 

How many credits are in the MSBA program?

There are 30 credits in the program. Each of the 18 courses is 1.5 credits for a total of 27 credits. The Capstone Project is an additional 3 credits.

How many courses are in the MSBA program?

There are 18 courses and a Capstone Project in the program. 

What types of programming languages and tools will students gain exposure to?

Students can expect hands-on experience with the most commonly used programming languages such as R and Python.

Students also will gain exposure to graphical and analytical tools such as Tableau, Shiny, and commonly used databases and big data tools.

How are the courses taught?

Our courses were designed for our online format and use the best technology available to ensure a premier experience. Material is delivered asynchronously with weekly synchronous online meetings with your faculty and peers. 

Does this program involve any on-campus residencies?

The program includes two five-day residencies, each one occurring over a long weekend. 

Please note, the MSBA program is following Georgetown University’s COVID-19 protocols, which also consider the requirements that the District of Columbia sets forth. While there may be some changes to the delivery format for the residency, students can expect an exceptional learning experience and dedication to connecting with peers and faculty.

What does the MSBA capstone project entail?

The Capstone Project is taken over the course of two terms and applies the concepts, methods, and tools learned in the program to a challenging business analytics problem with a local, national, or global organization as the project sponsor. It is the peak intellectual learning experience for students in the Georgetown MSBA Program. Student teams will put into practice the process of defining the organizational challenge, identifying and/or collecting necessary data, analyzing possible courses of action, and making a recommendation. The course culminates with a presentation to faculty and the project sponsors at the end of the term.

What is the difference between Georgetown University’s Master of Business Analytics and a traditional MBA?

The MSBA is an online program designed for students who are interested in a specialized program to develop a data-first mindset along with rigorous analytics skills to prepare for a career where analytics is key to making better management decisions.

The MBA focuses on a comprehensive understanding of all of the core business fundamentals and business skills needed to lead global organizations. 

Does business analytics require coding? 

Yes, the coursework in the MSBA program includes coding classes.

What can you do with a master’s in business analytics?

Your master’s in business analytics prepares you to lead business decisions in a number of roles with titles such as:

  • Business Data Scientist
  • Management Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Senior Operations Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst

Is business analytics a good career field?

Currently, there is a shortage of more than 150,000 professionals with data science skills and growth rate for key positions that range from 14%-31% and salaries from $85k-$180k. Learn more about roles, career growth, and salary potential on our careers page. 

Admissions FAQ

Does the MSBA degree specify it was an online program on the transcript or diploma?

The degree awarded is a Master of Science in Business Analytics with no designation of program modality.

Are GMAT or GRE scores required for admission to the MSBA program?

The admissions committee uses a holistic approach when reviewing applications and considers your career experience, letters of recommendation, and personal statement in addition to test scores and GPA. While GMAT/GRE scores are not required, they are strongly recommended, particularly for those with a weaker GPA.  

Do students need to be employed full-time?

You do not need to be employed full-time to enroll in the program, but relevant professional experience is considered during the admissions process.

How do I apply to the MSBA program?

It is easy to get started, apply now! (new window)

What is the application deadline for the MSBA program?

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The deadline to receive priority consideration for limited, merit-based scholarships for the Spring 2021 cohort is Sept. 15, 2020. The final application deadline is Dec. 11, 2020.

What are the start dates for the MSBA program throughout the year?

The next start date for the program is January 2021 — apply now (new window) to secure your spot.

Does the MSBA program require work experience?

Previous work experience is considered among other admissions criteria.

Does the MSBA program accept transfer credits?

We do not accept transfer credits from previous programs. Georgetown University actively recruits world-class faculty to teach award-winning programs in a cohort, lockstep program. It is essential for students to experience the program and our rigorous teaching standards together, building upon courses taught in a sequence.

Does the program sponsor student visas for international students?

While the MSBA program does not provide visa sponsorship for its international students at this time, international students are still encouraged to apply as the program can be taken from anywhere in the world.

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