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Georgetown Ranked Sixth in Blockchain Universities

Georgetown University ranked sixth this year in CoinDesk’s list of blockchain universities, which measured institutions’ investments in curriculum about the technology. The results were based on each university’s number of blockchain classes, number of blockchain organizations on campus, and access to the blockchain industry.

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business contributes to the university’s rankings through programming and the strong presence of blockchain technology in the school’s curriculum. This spring, the school began offering an elective course for undergraduates on financial technology, or fintech, and blockchain, aiming to teach students how to use new business technology in the workplace. The MBA program will introduce a similar elective in spring 2019.

The Georgetown Center for Markets and Financial Policy, part of the McDonough School of Business, hosts the annual D.C. Blockchain Summit, a forum for experts to gather and discuss investment in cryptocurrencies, among other things. More events like this may be on the way: In April 2018, Georgetown McDonough announced a partnership with the Fintech Consortium to collaborate on a number of initiatives including joint research and exchange programs.

Fintech also is an important feature of student life at Georgetown McDonough. Over 150 graduate and undergraduate students participate in Georgetown FinTech, a club devoted to introducing students to leaders in the fintech field through speaker and industry events.

CoinDesk, a news source on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, also highlighted courses offered through the Georgetown Law Center, including “Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings and the Law Seminar.”

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