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Georgetown McDonough Flex MBA Students on Traveling to Italy and Argentina with the Global Business Experience
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Georgetown McDonough Flex MBA Students on Traveling to Italy and Argentina with the Global Business Experience

As Georgetown McDonough strives to provide a global education in every aspect, from the undergraduate to graduate experience and beyond, the Global Business Experience (GBE) is the centerpiece of this mission.

The GBE is an opportunity for students to work on consulting projects directly with the leadership of multinational corporations, travel abroad to meet face-to-face with executives, and immerse themselves in the business community of a foreign country over the course of a week. At the end of the trip, students present final project recommendations to their clients.

The in-person interaction with global clients was a common highlight for McDonough students who embarked on GBE trips this past summer. Here, Flex MBA students who traveled to Italy and Argentina for a culturally immersive, educational, and exhilarating experience described their time abroad and main takeaways from the signature McDonough offering. 

Tanvi Bhargava (MBA’24) and Christine Shearer’s (MBA‘24) Drive with Dallara in Italy

Tamvi Bhargava (MBA ’24) and Christine Shearer (MBA’24) worked on a strategy consulting project with Dallara, an Italian automaker company that specializes in race cars.

Why did you choose to work with Dallara for your Global Business Experience? 


The Global Business Experience is one of the main reasons I decided to pursue my MBA at Georgetown. I wanted to use what I learned in the classroom in a real-world scenario. As an avid F1 fan for several years, I have been fascinated by the industry. Therefore, integrating my passion for F1, my interest in strategy, and my desire to learn more about the industry made Dallara the perfect organization to collaborate with during my GBE.


As my whole career has been in the food industry, the GBE experience helped me gain exposure to other professions and areas of business. However, I was immediately drawn to Dallara. I was not initially familiar with the company, but I knew I liked driving fast cars.

What were some of the main takeaways from working with Dallara?


The project was mainly strategy-focused, but it also involved marketing and data analytics. Throughout the experience, it was crucial to build relationships with clients. Due to the great working relationship we established throughout the eight-week course, we maximized our performance and output for the client. 


We contacted Dallara as soon as we got the company’s phone number — which was crucial to our success. We immediately prepared a strategy plan and started building a good working relationship with the client right away. This helped us identify our main areas of focus for the project early on.

What were some cultural observations you had during your time in Italy? 


Being from India, and now working in the United States, I haven’t had experience working in Italy before. It was a privilege to explore the wide array of cultural offerings during our time in Italy. Specifically, at Dallara, the company is focused on motivating its people. I immediately noticed their warm and family-oriented interactions with one another upon working with the team.

What piece(s) of advice can you share with students who will soon embark on their GBE at McDonough?


Make sure you choose a project you are interested in or an industry that you want to learn more about. Additionally, communication with the client is key. Changes are bound to happen and you must be able to adapt to the circumstances.

Start working on the project as soon as you choose who your client is going to be. As much as possible, set weekly meetings with the client. This will ensure everyone is on the same page.

Samantha Roberts (MBA’24) on Winemaking in Argentina

Samantha Roberts (MBA’24), worked on a sustainability consulting project with Karam Mussi, a winemaker based in Argentina that specializes in sustainably sourced and natural wine. 

Why did you choose to work with Karim Mussi for your Global Business Experience? 

Since I am working on earning an MBA Certificate in Sustainable Business at Georgetown, I was intrigued by Karim Mussi’s certified sustainable wines, as well as the company’s overall sustainable business practices.

Moreover, I studied international relations and Spanish during my undergraduate career, and  I developed a love for Latin American culture. For years, I have been familiar with Argentina’s history and cultural elements, which made me excited to head to Argentina with the Global Business Experience.

What were some of your main professional takeaways working with Karim Mussi?

It’s important to understand the company’s goals and challenges. Our team was tasked to work on a strategy that marketed the wines as a luxury product, without putting additional stress on the overall production process.

Another takeaway is that it’s always better to have in-person discussions with a client, whenever possible. This face-to-face interaction creates more of a personalized communication strategy among the internal and client teams. 

What piece(s) of advice can you share with students who will soon embark on their GBE at McDonough?

It’s important to stick within the guidelines and deadlines set by the GBE program and the professor. When you’re having introductory meetings with your clients, be prepared and well-versed in the subject matter. Also, doing industry research and meeting with your professor regularly before upcoming client engagement will help in your overall success in the program.

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