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Meet the Class of 2020: Srilaxmi Sriram (MiM’20)

Srilaxmi Sriram (MiM’20)
Hometown: Thrissur, Kerala (God’s Own Country), India

What is your favorite memory or proudest moment from your time at Georgetown?

My favorite memory at Georgetown was the Hoya Saxa boat race during our first module. We had to build a boat with cardboard, balloons, and trash bags, while also trying to make it buoyant so that it would sail in the Yates swimming pool. My team was scrambling to finish the construction of this make-shift boat, while the other teams were already starting to dock their oddly-shaped boats. I was the sailor for our boat, which eventually began to sink as the water started to seep into the cardboard through the trash bags.

No one really won the race, but the experience made us more united as a class. Georgetown welcomes people from diverse backgrounds, ties you together, and nurtures the experience of “unity in diversity.”

What was your favorite class?

My favorite class was Operations and Global Supply Chain with Ricardo Ernst, Baratta Chair in Global Business. The rigor, insightful simulations, real-world case studies, and his enthusiasm to teach a bunch of newbies to the industry made it my favorite class.

What are you most looking forward to as an alumna?

As a member of the inaugural cohort of the Master’s in Management program and a Georgetown alumna, there is nothing that makes me more happy than speaking to the eager minds of future McDonough students. I look forward to interacting with students, learning from their ideas, and sharing my memorable experience at McDonough.

Class of 2020
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