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MiM Connects Students with Alumni-Led Companies for Internships

The TriBeCa Corporation, a family-owned company with interests in diverse sectors based in Dubai that employs Georgetown alumni, has provided internships to several Master of Science in Management (MiM) students to work virtually with the company. 

Farah Gokal-Ghazzawi (B’95), Georgetown McDonough alumna and a member of the school’s Board of Advisors, founded TriBeCa with her husband, Adel Ghazzawi. The pair approached Karen Kouagou, Career Services advisor for MiM, to recommend students interested in an internship with TriBeCa. 

“These types of internships have an entrepreneurial edge to them and are a phenomenal opportunity for students to have exposure to a fast-paced environment and high deal flows in a short amount of time,” said Farah Gokal-Ghazzawi.

TriBeCa serves as a bridge between capital in the Middle East and investment opportunities around the world. The company also invests in companies that would benefit the Middle East. 

“The idea of TriBeCa is to find best-of-breed companies that serve a purpose in the Middle East and help them set up partnerships or become a partner ourselves,” said Ghazzawi. 

Currently, six MiM students are interning with TriBeCa. Four of the students are interning directly with TriBeCa, and two are interning with Brightfox, which is part of the TriBeCa conglomerate. 

Right now, the interns are working on a project with Dave Asprey, founder, BulletProof 360. TriBeCa is collaborating with Asprey on building a wellness/healthcare platform. 

“I’ve given the interns at Georgetown direct access to Asprey,” Ghazzawi said. “They have weekly calls with Asprey and members of his team, and the interns are trying to find more data, more analytics, and more content that are relevant to positioning the new platform to raise money.” 

Reed Hasson (MiM’21), a BrightFox intern, believes the best part of the internship experience is the ability to expand his network while working with people like Ghazzawi. 

“This semester, I have been able to receive more internships in an international consulting role and as a research assistant for a professor. All of these opportunities have been great practical applications of the skills from the MiM program,” said Hasson.

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