Board Member Farah Gokal-Ghazzawi

Farah Gokal-Ghazzawi

Farah Gokal-Ghazzawi has noteworthy experience in international business and finance. Her area focus has been previously been in shipping and commodity trading, where she has worked with Osprey-Acomarit, International Services Corporation and Pacific Cargoes in Washington, DC.  She co-founded Globalex Marine Services and Trading and Globalex Investment Services which serviced shipping and trading as well as financial opportunities respectively. After her time in banking and shipping, she has chosen to pursue a more creative approach to entrepreneurship with the creation of Sweet Stuff Cupcakes in Dubai, one of the regions first American-style bakery concepts. Farah currently contributes to Tricap Holdings by deal-sourcing, networking, evaluating and analyzing entrepreneurial opportunities that contribute to the Company’s core focus.

Farah graduated from Georgetown University in Washington DC (B’95) with a double major in Finance and International Business and a Certificate in Arab Studies. She is based in Dubai and also spends time in Washington D.C. and Los Angeles with her husband and four children.