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New Executive Degree Career Services Takes Integrated Approach

Assistant Dean of Career Management for Executive Degree Programs Raji Ramanan believes that 10 percent of leadership development happens through formal learning programs in the classroom, 20 percent through coaching and mentoring, and 70 percent on the job. Ramanan and her team of career experts offer Georgetown McDonough executive degree students and alumni opportunities to flourish for 100 percent of the process through an integrated career management approach.

Ramanan’s corporate and higher education experience has focused on helping talented people succeed. “We are complementing and sometimes totally creating a talent management solution for students here, in helping them unleash their potential and achieve their career goals,” she explained.

Ramanan identified the importance of guiding students and alumni to understand themselves, their strengths, and their developmental needs through leadership assessments and individual or group coaching. Beyond these resources, executive degree career services is focused on building a bridge between successful leaders, alumni, and current students to inspire them and gather information about industry trends and leadership evolution, through strategic events like Strategy Saturday and other forums. These services are available to Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, Executive Master’s in Leadership, and M.A. in International Policy and Business students and alumni.

Jocelyn Rowe (GEMBA’12) found the one-on-one coaching sessions particularly useful. “The team members brought such personal commitment, engagement, and care to those meetings,” she said.

Outlining goals becomes a holistic process, as students are encouraged to explore options for various stages of life. To assist in this process, career services connects students to mentors in their areas of interest. “By providing them with strategic career connections, we show them what leadership is about without just talking theory,” said Ramanan.

As students and alumni apply to positions, Ramanan and her team help them succeed by providing support for resume and cover letter writing, interview and case study coaching, and negotiation advice. Kimberly Osias (EMBA’19) raved about these practical services, explaining that after taking time off from full-time work, there were several crucial steps, such as building a LinkedIn profile, that she needed a fresh perspective on.

According to Ramanan, career management goes beyond coaching. “We help them prepare to compete for an opportunity and land a new job, as well as help them succeed in that role,” she said. “We make career transitions stick for them by helping them identify key stakeholders and how to navigate a new culture.”

When Osias was admitted to Georgetown McDonough’s EMBA program, she did not hesitate to enroll. “There is a group of people here who you know and feel safe with and who serve as your mirror,” she said. “To know that you have a team of individuals supporting you every step of the way is an immeasurable benefit.”

“I’ve enjoyed the chance to dream big about my next steps,” Rowe added. “McDonough’s career services provide me with the affirmation that those goals are achievable.”

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