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Summer Internship Spotlight: Emerson Crockett (MSBA’23): Quantitative Risk Analyst at USAA

Each year, Georgetown McDonough students spend their summers in Washington, D.C., across the nation, and around the world working in corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations. Meet a few of our graduate and undergraduate students in our 2023 Summer Internship Spotlight series.

Tell us about your summer internship.

I am a quantitative risk analyst at USAA’s headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. Before the internship, I wasn’t aware of how big of a company USAA actually is. The office campus is massive, so much so that it has its own zip code. 

My role is in the banking division on the consumer lending team. I am earning all about loans from the application and approval process to charge off and recovery rates.

How did your internship relate to your professional or personal interests?

I want to start a career in data analytics because the field is both quantitative and creative. It’s not just about the cold hard logic of numbers, but also the story and meaning behind them. This internship is helping me develop the tools and skills to transform data into informative visualizations and compelling stories.

How did you find the internship? 

I first heard about the internship from my brother-in-law who currently works at USAA as a data scientist and also was an intern at the company several years ago. The help and advice he gave me throughout the application and interview process definitely played a role in my success.

What’s the most interesting or impactful thing you worked on during your internship?

The internship is designed so that we work on a single project throughout the summer. By the end of the internship, we have the opportunity to present our projects to many company leaders, including the highest executives. My project focused on improving pricing strategies for loans. USAA has a unique mission of serving the military community, so I know that I’m making a positive impact by working to provide better prices and services to those who have served our country.

What did a typical day look like? 

Before heading to the office in the morning, I work out at one of the company gyms. Once the work day begins, I am in meetings, both in-person and online, trying to absorb all of the banking lingo and processes. Between meetings, I have time to make some progress on a personal project. Frequently, I get invited to lunches and get to know some of the great people on my team and division.

What advice do you have for other students?

Apply early! Many internships, especially the more competitive ones, open up applications sooner than you might think. Additionally, getting help from someone who has previously interned in the position you’re applying for will make a huge difference in navigating the application process.

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