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Summer Spotlight: Rashan Prailow (MSF’21)

Each year, Georgetown McDonough students spend their summers working with corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations, volunteering, and pursuing their passions. While summer 2020 presented never-before-seen challenges, McDonough students rose above and made the most of an unprecedented summer.

Tell us about your summer.

This summer I was selected to work as a student consultant for Deloitte as part of the MSF Summer Clinics Program. I was grouped with four students in my cohort to form a five person consulting team. 

How did your summer experience relate to your professional or personal interests or aspirations?

Currently, I serve as a finance manager. My student consulting experience was directly related to my professional skill set and interest. I had the opportunity to apply my finance skills by conducting an enterprise-value-to-ebita multiple valuation of a tech company. I’ve always been interested in consulting. The analytical, strategic, and problem-solving skills of consulting were applied during my experience. 

How did you find this experience? 

The Master of Science in Finance program offers its students a Summer Clinic experience. After completing the application process, I was fortunate to land the Summer Clinic experience of my choice as a student consultant. 

What was the most interesting or impactful thing you worked on?

The Deloitte consulting project required us to dive into the implementation of technologies that were unfamiliar to us. The most interesting thing I did was learn how to leverage robotic process automation and other technologies to address a public health crisis. The most impactful part of my work was gaining insight into the intricacies of how public-private partnerships provide services for a social good. 

How was your internship adjusted because of coronavirus?

Due to coronavirus, our summer clinics were transitioned into a fully virtual environment. However, the infrastructure that the Master of Science in Finance program provided us made the experience authentic. The weekly meetings with Deloitte leadership and our MSF executive in residence enabled us to fully maximize our experience as student consultants. 

Any advice for other students?

I’d advise all current students to take advantage of the Master of Science in Finance Summer Clinic experience. The experience is a great way to get insights into industries that are of interest to you. It also is important that students remain intellectually curious and step outside their comfort zone during the summer clinics.

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