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Victor Turitzin's Internship with Marvel Entertainment

Victor Turitzin (B’17) paired his skills in finance with his love of superheros when he worked at Marvel Entertainment in New York City for a summer internship. Marvel’s roster of beloved characters provided Turitzin the chance apply his financial skills to projects and products in which he felt emotionally invested.

Turitzin worked as a corporate finance intern during his summer at Marvel. He said he found the job posting on a whim, checking Marvel’s website out of curiosity for internships. He was redirected to Disney’s career page and saw an opportunity to apply.

Turitzin holds Marvel Entertainment in high regard, for both their characters and their work environment. 

“I know I’m not alone when I say that the Marvel heroes were a big part of my childhood,” he said. “Their popularity has only increased with their movies and animated shows.  I also was interested in the company culture of Marvel, where it is a rare sight to see someone wearing a suit.”

During the internship, Turitzin worked on a variety of projects from four supervisors. He said his business financial management course provided him with the fundamentals necessary to be successful, and his supervisors were willing to answer questions he had.

“The topics of my work varied depending on who was providing me with an assignment,” he recalled. “An example was analyzing the financial results of two Marvel apps (Contest of Champions and Puzzle Quest) before and during the in-game events to determine if they were generating higher income.”

He also was able to sit in on a variety of meetings and personal presentations, including learning about the history of comic books and how they are made.

Turitzin advises other students to keep an open mind when they are looking for internships.

“Think about companies you feel you have a personal connection with in some way,” he said. “Since Marvel was such a huge part of my childhood, I felt more connected and excited when working on various financial projects.”