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Full-time Cost

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Full-time MBA Program

Direct Expenses* (2015-2016)   Indirect Expenses (2015-2016)  
Tuition and Fees** $56,892 Average Living Allowance $20,306
    Average Books $2,646
    Average Travel $2,606
    Federal Direct Loan Fees $2,870
SUBTOTAL $56,892 SUBTOTAL $28,428
    TOTAL cost per year $85,320

* Direct expenses are charges that a student will incur on their billing statement from the Office of Billing and Payment Services. Indirect expenses are averages of other associated costs that a student may incur for their education.

** Mandatory Fees include a Yates Fee that is assessed when a student registers for 9+ credit hours. A Georgetown University Health Insurance charge is assessed when a student registers for 8+ credit hours. It can be waived if the student secures health insurance through a spouse’s coverage or other means.

For more detailed information about tuition and billing, please call Georgetown University's Office of Billing and Payment Services at (202) 687-7100.