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Qiyadat Global-Georgetown: A Women’s Leadership Program – 2022


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The Qiyadat Global-Georgetown is a women’s leadership program that responds to the continued demand and need of diverse organizations to develop the leadership acumen of their female leaders. This certificate program is designed as a special program for female middle-managers who have shown high potential in business, government, or not-for-profit organizations and who administer strong leadership skills in a current leadership position. The program draws from the expertise of global educators and will instill leadership fundamentals from a global perspective. In an era defined by fast-paced globalization, leaders need to understand the interconnectivity between different sectors, continents, and countries, as well as the critical role of leadership in ensuring the success of such collaboration and interdependency.

We will award a certificate to each student who successfully completes the Women’s Leadership Program.


The objective of this program is to equip emerging women leaders across the Middle East and from the G20 member countries with an intense learning program focused on practical strategic leadership skills for effectively managing common hurdles including a number of unique challenges faced by women leaders.

This program is designed for women who have shown high potential in middle-management in business, government, or not-for-profit organizations and wish to transform their talent by learning the knowledge and gaining the tools to prepare themselves for roles in senior leadership, including the C-suite and beyond.

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Who Should Apply

The program welcomes applications from females in mid-level to senior positions from the Middle East or G20 member countries who meet the following requirements:

1. Seven years of work experience, three of which were in a mid-level management position

2. Proficiency of the English language in writing, reading, and speaking*

3. Two letters of recommendation: one by a previous direct manager and one from your current direct manager

Note: This is not an official initiative of the G20, it is a private sector sponsored project.

Format of Delivery

This program is comprised of an orientation module and three full-days (in-person) or five half-days (virtual) of interactive sessions that leverage Georgetown’s respected in-house innovation center, the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, to create a rewarding learning experience. The program is intended to be held five days virtually through interactive program elements, rather than a series of continuous one-way lectures and three days in-person in different locations: Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia, and Georgetown’s Campus in Washington, D.C.

The program uses Zoom as its primary platform for the virtual delivery, but incorporates other digital tools. The participants will have full access to the materials during the course and after via a dedicated program website.

Explore the session schedules below.

*Language: English will be the primary language of delivery. A fully Arabized virtual cohort will be offered for non-English speakers (very limited seats).

Session Schedules

Meet the Faculty & Qiyadat Global Georgetown Lead

Evelyn Williams

MSB Distinguished Teaching Professor

Hillary Sale

Agnes Williams Sesquicentennial Professor of Leadership and Corporate Governance

Michael O’Leary

Teaching Professor & Senior Associate Dean, Graduate & Executive Degree Programs | Senior Associate Dean, Graduate and Executive Degree Programs

Nouf Al Rakan

Nouf Abdullah Al Rakan

Founder, Executive Director – Qiyadat Global Georgetown Program

An active member for women empowerment and policy advocacy through her membership in the B20 Trade and Investment task forces in the Saudi Arabian, Italian, and Indonesian B20 presidencies, Nouf Abdullah Al Rakan also was a Member of Saudi Arabia B20 Executive Committee (one of the Engagement Groups during Saudi Arabia’s G20 presidency 2020). She chaired the Businesswomen Committee at the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and represented Saudi Arabia’s Private Sector as a member of the Women Labor Committee in the ALO (Arab Labor Organization). She also is a founding Board Member at the Societal Development Committee at Riyadh Governorate (Emara), as well as a member of different business councils and senior development committees and the CEO of Alimtiaz Consulting. Through Educational Initiatives, LLC., she established different women leadership programs over the past 10 years in partnership top educational institutions around the world to serve women in Saudi Arabia MENA and different countries.

She holds an M.A. in international business and policy from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

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