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Internship Courses for Undergraduate Students

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Internships give students the opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom and to understand how a business really operates.  In some cases, students may need or want to earn academic credit for the work performed at an internship.  Georgetown McDonough provides that opportunity to students to earn credit.

Want to learn more about Georgetown McDonough internship courses?  Read below for Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the link to register for MGMT 4950, 2925, 3925, or 4925?

Do I need to earn academic credit for an internship?

Earning academic credit for internship work is necessary in some cases and optional in others.  Students are required to earn academic credit in conjunction with their internship when:

In all other cases, it is optional for a student to earn academic credit in conjunction with an internship.

How does the course work?

Students can earn academic credit for a total of three semesters of work over the undergraduate career.  Each course described below is conducted via Canvas and email, so no in-person meetings will take place.  Depending on the course, students will be asked to submit reflection papers, a final paper and a letter of support from their supervisor.

What are the classes available to students to earn academic credit?

What “counts” as an internship?

What if my internship is not in Washington, D.C.?  How do I participate in the course?

How do I register for MGMT 4950, 2925, 3925, and 4925?

What are the deadlines to apply?

Can I earn money while earning academic credit?

It is up to the employer and the student to determine reimbursement for work.  Students can participate in a paid internship or an unpaid internship and can earn academic credit in addition to payment or in lieu of payment.  Students can still register for any internship course in any payment situation.

Note: While unpaid internships are acceptable, we encourage employers to meet all of the Department of Labor criteria under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What if my internship is longer than a semester?

If you would like or need to continue earning credit for an internship lasting more than a semester, students still must enroll in the next course in the sequence for each semester worked.  In other words, students must re-register for an internship course for each semester they work, regardless of whether the internship is the same internship or a new one.  Please note that U.S. law prohibits international (F-1 visa) students from interning for more than three semesters.

How do I know if the experience will be beneficial to my career?

The McDonough Undergraduate Career Development Center nor Georgetown University can guarantee that all internships will be a valuable experience, nor that all employers are legitimate.  It is up to the student to perform due diligence on each employer and position they apply to, to ensure that the employer is legitimate and the position is relevant to his or her academic and career goals.

Other questions?  Please contact the McDonough Undergraduate Career Development Center.