Parents Advisory Council (PAC)

The work of the Parents Advisory Council is critical to the school’s ability to realize its aspiration to be recognized as a global leader in undergraduate business education. PAC members provide financial resources to help fund curricular and co-curricular programs that produce transformational educational experiences – both at Georgetown and abroad. Gifts from PAC members contribute to the Undergraduate Programs Initiatives Fund, unless otherwise directed.

PAC Mission

The mission of the Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is to serve as ambassadors for the McDonough School of Business to engage our community of parents in philanthropic, networking, and recruiting efforts. The PAC members work directly with the Dean and Senior Associate Dean, who serves as the Director of the Undergraduate Program, to develop strategies for parents to support new initiatives, as well as sustain existing programs.

The Chair (or Co-Chairs) of the PAC serve as ex officio member(s) of the school’s Board of Advisors and work with the Dean and Senior Associate Dean to create committees/task forces as needed to facilitate strategic planning of philanthropic efforts. The members of the PAC also serve as advocates for Georgetown McDonough in their communities and networks. Members of the PAC exemplify the role of “key leaders” by making contributions to the school and by helping to increase the ever-growing circle of parent supporters. Members of the PAC serve three-year terms from January 1 to December 31, and they may serve an additional year if needed by the Dean for transitional purposes.

To find out more about how to become a member of the PAC, please contact Tilly Carpenter. We would be delighted to discuss your potential participation.

Parents Advisory Council Executive Comittee


Abby Adams, PAC Co-Chair (C’83, P’16, P’21)

Patrick Adams, PAC Co-Chair (B’81, P’16, P’21)

Santa Monica, CA


Glay Blocker (P’21)

Andy Blocker (MBA’02, P’21)

Laurel, MD


Jill Everett (P’19, P’22)

Donald Everett (P’19, P’22)

Lincoln, NE


Dian Fini (P’19, P’22)

Mario Fini (P’19, P’22)

Hoboken, NJ


Mary Gay (P’20, P’23)

William Gay (P’20, P’23)

Homesdale, NY


Mary E. Hock (P’21, P’23)

John Hock (P’21, P’23)

Riverside, CT


Monica Zobel De Ayala (P’20, P’21, P’24)

Guillermo Pla (P’20, P’21, P’24)

Madrid, Spain


Interested in joining our Parents Advisory Council? Please contact

Tilly Carpenter


Marcella Stewart (P’22)

Douglas Stewart (P’22)

Albuquerue, NM

Parents Advisory Council Members


Geetika Bobba (P’23)

Durga Bobba (MBA ’96, P’23)

Hillsborough, CA


Teresa Dyke (P’21)

Wade Dyke (P’21)

Coral Gables, FL


Ellen Goodwin (P’22)

Kurt Pohmer (P’22)

New York, NY


Lauren Karp (P’24)

Andrew Karp (C’91, P’24)

Bedford, NY


Diana Longarzo (P’22)

Jerry Longarzo (B’84, L’87, P’22)

Los Angeles, CA


Diane Palmieri (P’22)

Paul Palmieri (P’22)

Lutherville, MD  


Alejandra Poupel (P’23, P’24)

Maxime Poupel (P’23, P’24)

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France


Anna Marie Safa (P’22)

Akram Safa (P’22)

Beirut, Lebanon


Rebekah Simpson (C’88, P’21)

Paul Simpson (I’89, P’21)

Ridgewood, NJ


Sue Sindhwani (P’22)

Ravi Sindhwani (P’22)

Dunn Loring, VA


Leyla Umur (P’22)

C. Hasan Umur (P’22)

Izmir, Turkey


Edward Woo (P’24)

Irene Jeesun Woo (P’24)

McLean, VA