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Global Programs

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Georgetown McDonough students have numerous opportunities for undergraduate study abroad at one of more than 70 foreign universities and colleges in 35 countries. Most programs are completed during the third year of study and include options for fall semester, spring semester, full academic year, or summer programs. For a full listing of programs available through Georgetown University, click here.

In addition, the McDonough School of Business hosts three summer abroad programs exclusively for its students.

  • Global Business Experience

    The Global Business Experience is a three-credit class that integrates learning in the business disciplines with learning in international policy and consulting.  Students will participate in a semester-long course (BADM 290) that offers the opportunity to conduct a substantive consulting project for senior members of an international business or organization (private, public or non-profit) under faculty supervision.  The course will culminate in a major project that includes travel to the client country, Barcelona, Spain, for one week to present students’ findings to senior management.  The course will also count as an elective for the Regional Studies track of the International Business Major.

    In addition to the coursework, students will interact with the policy community through visits to organizations such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Spanish Embassy. This programming will be responsive to current challenges and policy debates.  

    Student must apply to take part in this course.  The application is due by 5:00 p.m. on October 13, 2014.  To access the application, click here


  • Global Business Fellows Program

    Global Business Fellows (GBF) is a joint program between McDonough School of Business and the School of Foreign Service. GBF will educate leaders who can conceptualize and solve global economic challenges by expanding their global perspective, acquiring a solid foundation in business, while understanding the impact of international policy on the worldwide economy.   

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  • Barcelona, Spain

    The Georgetown-ESADE summer program offers Georgetown business students the rare opportunity to study entrepreneurship and international marketing at one of the world's most prestigious business schools in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Oxford, England

    Georgetown University's Summer Program in Comparative Strategic Management at Oxford University in England is a six-week program that gives students the opportunity to advance their knowledge of management and international finance.

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  • Global Strategic Management: The Asian Perspective

    This four-week program is designed to enable Georgetown McDonough students to undertake study in business strategy and intercultural communication in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most dynamic and fascinating cities.  

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  • Nicaragua

    Fabretto Children's Foundation has established a partnership with Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business that enables undergraduate business school students to intern in the summer with Fabretto in Nicaragua.  Each summer, the Georgetown McDonough Undergraduate Program Office awards students fellowships of up to $5000 that enables them to spend up to five weeks of the summer in various parts of Nicaragua.  During their time, the Georgetown McDonough students work on projects such as teaching the fundamentals of business to high school students and helping them prepare for the SAT.  Hoyas also work with school administrators to help improve the business curriculum, focusing on management and entrepreneurship.

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  • Study Abroad Blogs

    Each summer, Georgetown McDonough students are studying abroad in China, Spain, and England.  Scroll down to see what our students are experiencing abroad!

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