At Georgetown McDonough, we believe business has no borders. To become successful leaders, our students must have a comprehensive understanding of different cultures, viewpoints, and business practices from around the world. This is why we offer the right balance of knowledge and experiences to instill in our students a global mindset that prepares them to lead any organization.

The concept of being global is multifaceted, which is why the McDonough School of Business prepares students to become global-ready leaders by providing a depth of opportunities as only Georgetown can. From international consulting projects to global social internships, our students gain true global experiences. Professors integrate global case studies into the classroom. The school builds a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff to expose us to individuals with different backgrounds and viewpoints. Students take advantage of Washington, D.C.’s many global institutions, and we host distinguished world leaders to share their insights.

How students and alumni apply this global mindset also varies. Some choose to work outside the United states or international students opt to stay here. Some seek careers in multinational organizations, while others find jobs locally and draw from their Mcdonough education to understand concepts like global logistics.


The school also created the Global Business Initiative to coordinate the school’s global activities, including the signature Global Business Experience and the new Global Business in Practice MOOC. With an advisory board of accomplished global executives, the Global Business Initiative ensures that Georgetown McDonough students are learning at the forefront of emerging issues and trends.