McDonough School of Business

Full-time MBA Scholarship Opportunities

More than $2.5 million is available to all MBA applicants through scholarships. 46% of enrolled Full-time students in the class of 2023 were awarded funding. Scholarships are awarded based on a holistic review process with the goal of admitting a competitive, diverse class. To best position yourself for scholarship consideration, we encourage you to apply to the Full-time MBA Program early. Students also explore federally-funded programs, external scholarships, and fellowship opportunities to supplement the cost of their education.

Full-time Program Costs

Direct Expenses* (2024-2025)
Graduate Student Activity Fee**$50
Georgetown University Health Insurance*** (may be waived)$3,845
Indirect Expenses (2024-2025)
Average Housing & Food$21,800
Average Personal$5,026
Average Books & Supplies$2,646
Average Transportation$3,130
Federal Direct Loan Fees$3,100
TOTAL cost per year$106,781

Cost is based on normative student schedules and 2024-2025 rates, which are subject to change.

*Direct expenses are charges that a student will incur on their billing statement from the Office of Revenue and Receivables. Indirect expenses are averages of other associated costs that a student may incur for their education during the fall and spring semester. Tuition, fees and estimated living expenses are subject to change on an annual basis.
** Mandatory Fees include a Graduate Student Activity Fee.
***A Georgetown University Health Insurance charge is assessed when a student registers for 8+ credit hours. It can be waived if the student secures health insurance through a spouse’s coverage or other means. This line item is an estimate.

For more detailed information about tuition and billing, visit the Office of Revenue and Receivables’ Graduate Business website or call at (202) 687-7100.

International Private Lenders

For those who do not receive a scholarship or who need additional funding, we are pleased to present a list of external international scholarships and private lenders who provide education loans specifically to international students. This is not a recommended or preferred lender list. This is simply a list of international resources that has been collected based on available public information for your convenience. The list may not be exhaustive, so we recommend you explore additional loan options that may be available through other resources.

Students have the right and ability to select the lender of their choice and are not required to use any of the resources on this list. Students considering a private education loan program should carefully consider the terms and conditions of the loan. Individual lenders will, at their discretion, evaluate credit history. Access

Georgetown McDonough is a proud partner of Access, the only free comprehensive admission resource for underrepresented minorities (URMs) and women interested in applying to an MBA program. Access and Georgetown McDonough have partnered to offer an Access member a scholarship of up to $5,000.

Bepina Sabalic Kunin Endowed Scholarship Fund 

The Bepina Sabalic Kunin Endowed Scholarship Fund was established at Georgetown University in September 2011 with the intention of supporting Catholic Croatian students pursuing degrees in selected graduate and professional programs. Mrs. Kunin’s wish was that the recipients of this scholarship devote some of their post-graduate career to Croatia and ultimately use their knowledge and skills to improve the lives of Croatian citizens, by strengthening universities, schools, businesses, organizations, or governmental bodies. For more information on the separate application and criteria, please see the Bepina Sabalic Kunin Endowed Scholarship Fund website.

The Consortium for Graduate Study of Management

The Consortium enhances diversity in business education and leadership by helping reduce the underrepresentation of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans in MBA programs and in the ranks of management. As a member school, we provide scholarships for students who are admitted as part of The Consortium. For more information, please visit The Consortium website to learn how to complete the separate and common application. All eligible applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program through The Consortium. If you are a prospective Consortium student and have questions, please email


Georgetown McDonough partners with the Fund for the Development of Human Resources (FIDERH), a federal trust managed by the Central Bank of Mexico, which for over 40 years has been financing graduate studies for Mexican students. Mexican citizens with a bachelor’s degree, a minimum 8/10 GPA, and an offer from Georgetown McDonough are eligible to apply to FIDERH. FIDERH provides 200,000 MXN per year in loans that can go towards tuition, living, and insurance costs. Loan recipients don’t pay interest during school and are given a one year grace period post-MBA. Georgetown will aim to provide merit scholarships to eligible applicants based on the holistic scholarship review process.


Forté is a non-profit consortium of leading companies and top business schools that work together to launch women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education and a community of successful women. To do this, Forté has established a Forté Fellows Program with each of its university partners who offer partial to full tuition scholarships to our Forté Fellows. All eligible applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program. Forté Fellows can represent a diversity of educational and work backgrounds, career goals, ethnicities, citizenships/nationalities, sexes, sexual orientations, and gender identities/expressions. Fellows should demonstrate a commitment to Forté’s mission of launching women into fulfilling, significant careers through access to business education, opportunities, and a community of successful women and exhibit exemplary leadership in one or more of the following: academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership, and creative leadership. All eligible applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program.


Georgetown McDonough partners with the Mexican Foundation for Education, Technology and Science (FUNED), a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 by Mexican businessmen. It is an authorized grantee by the Tax Administration Service. To date, they have supported more than 5,500 students. Mexican Citizens with a bachelor’s degree, a minimum 8/10 GPA, and financial need will be eligible. FUNED provides up to 40% of total cost not to exceed a $15,000 USD loan. Awardees are given a six month grace period to repay and five years to pay back and 5.75% IR once they have completed their program. If awarded through FUNED, students are also eligible through CONACYT to receive a merit and need-based scholarship of $10,000-40,000 USD. McDonough will provide merit scholarships to eligible applicants based on the holistic scholarship review process. Students can apply to FUNED starting in January. The second call for applications opens April 20 and will close on June 26. The grant FUNED gives is mainly for tuition. The FUNED-CONACYT scholarship is a complimentary scholarship by which students fund their masters with different funding sources in order to afford to pay the first part of tuition and to use FUNED´s grant later in the year. 

Georgetown MBA Merit Scholarship

The McDonough School of Business awards scholarships based an applicant’s academic, personal, and professional accomplishments. Recipients will demonstrate ethical leadership, academic accomplishment, and professional achievements through their application and interview for the MBA program. They typically show a commitment to service to others through past and current activities. All applicants are automatically considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program.

Hariri Scholarship

The Hariri Family Endowed Graduate Scholarship was created with a generous investment from the Hariri Foundation. Selection as a Hariri Scholar is based on a cultural appreciation for sustainable human development in Lebanon. Recipients benefit from the Hariri Foundation’s expertise in educating students and preparing them to contribute to society. All applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program.

John F. Dealy Scholarship – Focus on Gender Equity

The John F. Dealy Scholarship provides merit-based scholarships for students pursuing the Full-time MBA program. The award amount and number of awards will vary per year. The scholarship supports students whose background or experience prove a demonstrated interest in gender equality and support the cause of gender parity in the fields of technology, finance, or consulting. Applicants interested in being considered for this scholarship should complete one short essay question in the “Background Information” section of the application. The prompt: In 250 words or less, please briefly describe how you have specifically contributed to gender equality in the fields of technology, finance, or consulting. 

MBA Entrepreneurship Fellowship

The MBA Entrepreneurship Fellows will take on a leadership role in Georgetown Entrepreneurship, an initiative that provides entrepreneurial education and experiences to all Georgetown students from the McDonough School of Business. The program offers many opportunities for MBA students to explore what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset, whether they want to be innovative in an existing company, work for a startup, or launch their own business. The initiative has built strong MBA programming, including the MBA Venture Fellows program, the Bark Tank pitch competition, and international championships in the VCIC competition. Students should have demonstrated interest in pursuing careers in entrepreneurship. This is not limited just to launching a startup. There is no separate application needed; the MBA Admissions committee will review what is included in your MBA application.

MBA Fintech Fellowship

Fellows will have the opportunity to work on research with leading faculty in Center for Financial Markets and Policy and their partner, the Digital Chamber of Commerce. The Fellow will be placed in relevant internships with private or public organizations during the academic year and/or the summer. This experiential learning will complement the Fellow’s relevant coursework and extracurricular actives offered at the McDonough School of Business. Students should have demonstrated interest in pursuing careers in the industries of Fintech, finance, and technology. There is no separate application needed; the MBA Admissions committee will review what is included in your MBA application.

McDonough MBA Alumni Advisory Council (MAAC) Scholarship

MAAC Scholarship recipients will be provided opportunities for professional networking and interaction with members of the MAAC and the initiatives they support. Applicants who best represent the McDonough values of social impact and/ or commitment to global diversity will be considered. There is no separate application needed; the MBA Admissions committee will review what is included in your MBA application.

Modus Create Endowed MBA Scholarship

The Modus Create Endowed MBA Scholarship is a merit-based award to develop the workforce in Latin America and support international Full-time MBA students. Modus Create is a consulting firm that helps companies transform for success in the digital future. The global company operates remotely and comprises highly-skilled employees in over 40 countries, many with non-traditional professional backgrounds. Their company has been growing exponentially, leveraging the impact of digital technology on workforce development in Latin America. Currently, over 50% of their workforce is located in these emerging countries and territories. All applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program.

National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)

NBMBAA leads in providing educational opportunities and economic growth for black professionals. In conjunction with The Consortium, Georgetown McDonough will award a minimum of two merit-based partial or full scholarships to NBMBAA student members. To be considered, you must first complete the NBMBAA scholarship application. Please see the NBMBAA website for more details.

Patrick Sheridan Endowed MBA Scholarship

The Patrick Sheridan Endowed MBA Scholarship is a merit-based award to support the diversity, enrichment, and advancement of McDonough and its community. Patrick Sheridan (MBA’09) is the founder and CEO of Modus Create, a consulting firm that helps companies transform for success in the digital future. The global company operates remotely with highly-skilled employees in over 50 cities throughout the world. Sheridan serves on the MBA Alumni Advisory Council (MAAC) DEI subcommittee and as an Entrepreneur in Residence for Georgetown Entrepreneurship. All Full-time and Flex MBA students are eligible to apply for the scholarship upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA program, with special consideration given to those who are able to uniquely contribute to the diversity and cultural understanding of the McDonough community.  

Pat Tillman Foundation University Partner

In recognition of our innovative culture of support and services for student veterans and military spouses, Georgetown was named a Pat Tillman Foundation University Partner. Through this partnership, our nation’s active and veteran service members are eligible for scholarship funds during their MBA studies. For more information, please visit the Pat Tillman website to learn how to complete the separate application.

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program

The Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Program offers financial assistance to returned Peace Corps Volunteers pursuing the Full-time MBA at Georgetown University. As part of the Program, all fellows complete internships in underserved American communities, allowing them to bring home, and expand upon, the skills they learned as volunteers. Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business is proud to be a partner school with the Coverdell Fellows Program. As part of this program, all returned Peace Corps volunteers will receive an application fee waiver. Students who are awarded the fellowship will receive a minimum of $15,000 per year (25% of tuition) and the ability to apply for potential graduate assistantships. 


Prospanica is dedicated to increasing the number of Hispanics graduating with MBAs. As a Prospanica university partner, we provide scholarships to Hispanic American students. Scholarships are merit-based, and you must have a Prospanica membership and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of Hispanic/Latino heritage, with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or better to be considered. All applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program.

Reaching Out MBA Fellowship

The purpose of the Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) Fellowship is to increase the number of students interested in promoting the empowerment and representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally (LGBTQA) students applying to and enrolling in business schools. Recipients will be provided with unique opportunities to empower you to become leaders in business following graduation and become professionals who lead the way to equality in business education, in the workplace, and throughout society. Fellows will also receive admission-free access to ROMBA events, including the annual LGBTQA MBA Conference and are invited to attend a cohort retreat.

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit earned by individuals who complete an approved term of national service in an AmeriCorps program. We are proud to be an education partner with the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. Beginning in the summer of 2019, Full-time and Flex MBA applicants will receive an application fee waiver. Full-time MBA students who are awarded the AmeriCorps Education Award can be considered to receive a minimum of $5,000 in tuition scholarship funding per year (total of $10,000 for the two-year program) from Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business through the Education Award Matching Program. Georgetown McDonough anticipates being able to award 1-3 scholarships per year based on the strength of the applicant pool.

Steers Center for Global Real Estate Scholarship

Selection is based on demonstrated and expressed interest in pursuing a career within the real estate industry post-MBA. All applicants are considered upon submitting a completed application to the Georgetown MBA Program. 

Yellow Ribbon

To qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program, the Department of Veterans Affairs specifies that participants must be 100% eligible for Post-9/11 benefits, be enrolled in a degree-seeking program, and accrue a total tuition and fees amount that is more than the Post-9/11 private tuition maximum for an academic year. Each year, eligible graduate business students receive $25,000 from Georgetown McDonough, which is matched by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for a total of $40,000 in funding per year. For more information, please contact the Military Benefits Office at 202-687-2713 or

Office of Graduate Fellowships & Awards

The Office of Graduate Fellowships & Awards is responsible for the growth of grants and fellowships that support graduate study through information sessions, workshops, and individualized assistance with proposals and applications. Subscribe to the Office of Graduate Fellowship and Awards’ monthly newsletter for the latest updates on fellowship deadlines, upcoming webinars, workshops, and more.

Need-based Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Services attempts to assist qualified applicants who have financial eligibility to meet their educational and living costs. All U.S. citizens and permanent residents may be considered for federally-funded programs. International students should inquire about financial support from the government of their home country or international private lenders, as they are not eligible for federal funding from the United States.