MiM Deferred Admission Program (MiM-DAP)

Application for MiM-DAP August 2023 intake will open September 2021.

MiM-DAP Overview:

With our MiM Deferred Admission Program (MiM-DAP), students in the penultimate year of their undergraduate education can apply to begin the MiM program during the next intake after their graduation (e.g. a student who will graduate in May 2023 could apply during the 2021-22 academic year to start the program in August 2023). This gives undergraduate students who become interested in the program early the opportunity to apply one semester earlier than they would normally have access to the application.

Why Apply Through MiM-DAP?

Confirm your plans for your graduate education early! MiM Deferred Admission applicants can apply during the penultimate year of undergraduate education (e.g. during the third/junior year of a four-year undergraduate degree or during the second year of a three-year undergraduate degree) and receive an admissions decision over the summer before entering the final year of undergraduate study. 

Engage with us throughout your final undergraduate year to best prepare for your MiM education! MiM-DAP students will have the opportunity to meet with MiM admissions, current students, and program staff for a full academic year between the time of admission and beginning the program, allowing us to provide additional insight and support.

*Note: Students who are graduating early should apply through the standard MiM application (e.g. if you are graduating in three years from a four-year institution and plan to start the program immediately after graduating, you would apply during your third year through the standard MiM application.)

MiM-DAP Application Process

Application Deadlines:

RoundDeadlineDecision Notification
1March 1, 2021April 15, 2021
2June 1, 2021July 15, 2021

How to Start my Application

  1. Start application through application portal.
  2. Select degree type “Specialized Master’s Degrees: MA-IBP, MiM, MSBA, MSF.”
  3. Select “Master of Science in Management Deferred Admission Program (MiM-DAP)” as your program rather than the standard MiM application.

Application Requirements:

MiM-DAP applicants will submit all of the same components of the application that standard MiM applicants complete, with the addition of two short essays. Please see these essay prompts below and review the full list of application components.

Why are you applying to the deferred admission program? (100 words)

How are you planning to develop personally, professionally, and academically between now and when you will start the program? (150 words)

Conditional Admission Requirements:

MiM-DAP applicants, like standard MiM applicants, will need to submit proof of undergraduate degree conferral prior to beginning the program. MiM-DAP applicants also will be required to maintain your GPA within 0.2 pts of your GPA at the time of admission. Should your GPA fall below 0.2 pts of your GPA at the time of admission, your admissions decision may be rescinded (though we will discuss this case-by-case with individual applicants).

Deposit Payments

MiM-DAP applicants have the added advantage of separating the $1,500 enrollment deposit payment into three separate payments. Please see the structure of these payments below.

First $500 deposit payment: due July 1 for Round 1 applicants, September 1 for Round 2 applicants the year of admission

Second $500 deposit payment: due January 15 the year after admission

Third $500 deposit payment: due May 1 the year after admission

Join Our August 2023 Intake Through MiM-DAP!

Our application for August 2023 intake to the Master’s in Management program through MiM-DAP will open in August 2021, and we encourage you to revisit our site at this time to explore applying. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you throughout the admissions process to learn more about your background and interests.

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