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MBA Student Ambassadors

Our Georgetown MBA Student Ambassadors are selected to represent the MBA Admissions team through a competitive application process. They connect with prospective students via email, by phone, on campus, and at MBA admissions events and interviews. Our MBA Student Ambassadors are happy to answer prospective student inquiries at or on MBA Student Ambassador and Community Member Chats.

MBA Student Ambassadors and Community Member Chats

If you’re looking to connect with current students, please explore our MBA Student Ambassadors and Community Member Chats. We encourage you to browse their profiles, under the students tab, to see whether students are part of the Full-time or Flex programs, their industry/functions, student organizations, academic interests, and more! We hope these chats allow you to make meaningful connections to help you learn more about the Georgetown McDonough community.

You can expect students to respond within one to two business days of your message, as they are working with our office alongside their academic and professional recruitment responsibilities.

Current Student Ambassadors

“Kilandra Bass

Hometown: Springfield, Massachusetts

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Luxury Retail, Accounting / Project Manager in Creative Digital Operations

Post-MBA Career Interests: Product Manager in Retail Tech

MBA Clubs or Organizations: President of Black MBA Association (BMBAA), VP of Marketing & Community of Georgetown Retail & Luxury Association (GRLA), Georgetown Consulting Club, Emerging Markets Network (EMN), Entrepreneurship & VC Club, Tech Club, Graduate Marketing Association (GMA), Wine Society

What has been the best part of your experience thus far?: Traveling to Ghana with the Emerging Markets club has been my favorite experience thus far! Approximately 30 students including myself got a chance to enjoy a speaker series where we explored case studies on how entrepreneurs are impacting communities in Africa. We also experienced company visits to the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, growing fintech companies, and energy companies to get a sense of the investment landscape of Ghana. It was great to build so many bonds and to immerse ourselves in the culture through food, learning experiences, shopping, and so much more.”

“Tim Cavanagh

Hometown: East Lyme, Connecticut

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Military / Healthcare (Pharmacist)

Post-MBA Career Interests: Healthcare

MBA Clubs or Organizations: McDonough Military Association (MMA), Healthcare Business Alliance (HBA), Out@MSB

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: After I had reached out to a couple of different MBA programs, Georegetown McDonough made it an easy decision. McDonough was the only program that went out of its way to make me feel welcome and that I was already a part of the community. As an Active Duty Servicemember coming off Active Duty, I was apprehensive about what was next for me. When I reached out to McDonough’s admission team to be connected with veterans, they immediately connected me with multiple resources. I immediately felt a part of the community and that this was where I belonged.”

“Ashley Hammons

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Non-profit (Healthcare) / Project Manager

Post-MBA Career Interests: Healthcare Leadership Development Program or Healthcare Consulting

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Healthcare Business Alliance (HBA), Consulting Club, Graduate Women in Business (GWiB), Net Impact, Tennis, Student Government Association (SGA), MBA Volunteers

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: First was the classroom experience, I wanted small classes with diverse and global perspectives, and this has been a wonderful part of my experience so far. Secondly, I was interested in Georgetown due to the culture and values they hold, specifically people for others. Now as the SGA VP of community and wellness I see this is engrained within the culture and there are many volunteer events for people to participate in. Lastly is the location, I love being in Washington, DC and think there is an added value of being at the intersection of business and politics.”

Delaney Hobbs, MBA student ambassador

“Delaney Hobbs

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Healthcare IT / Project Manager

Post-MBA Career Interests: Corporate Strategy

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Graduate Women in Business (GWiB)

What has been the best part of your experience thus far? The best part has been meeting people in my class – I’ve loved getting to know so many people from so many different backgrounds. ”

“Mizna Kanafani

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Education Tech / Corporate Strategy

Post-MBA Career Interests: Energy and Clean Tech

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Net Impact, Graduate Women in Business (GWiB)

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I’m interested in the clean energy and technology industry, and Georgetown has amazing resources through the Business for Impact Center. I’ve been exposed to so many social impact leaders, specialized electives, and even worked on a consulting project through their office. It is the perfect way to focus the core MBA program into my interests.  ”

“William Lavery

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Military / Army Officer

Post-MBA Career Interests: Technology Sales

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Technology Club, McDonough Military Association

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I chose Georgetown McDonough for two reasons. Firstly, because it is located at the junction of business, government, and international organisations and institutions. Secondly, Georgetown McDonough’s smaller class sizes and approach to learning made me feel like I would be supported through my learning journey.”

Josep llop

“Josep Llop

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Energy, Aviation / Regional Manager

Post-MBA Career Interests: Tech

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Tech Club, Fintech Club, Design Thinking Club, Soccer Club

What has been the best part of your experience thus far? The best parts have been the opportunities to tailor your own MBA experience and the empowerment to create new things.”

Krishi Saraogi

“Krishi Saraogi

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Non-profit / Project Manager

Post-MBA Career Interests: Consulting

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Business For Impact, Net Impact, Consulting Club, Gourmet Club

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough? I choose to come to Georgetown because of the program’s focus on developing and being business leaders for the society.”

“Maesha Ulcena
Flex MBA Student Ambassador

Hometown: Billerica, Massachusetts

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Biomedical Research / Clinical Laboratory Supervisor

Post-MBA Career Interests: Healthtech Product Management 

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Black MBA Association and Emerging Markets Network

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I chose Georgetown McDonough because of how paralleled the Flex and Full Time student experiences are. Making the decision to pursue your MBA is huge decision. Whether you decide to attend school full time or work while earning your degree, everyone wants to get the most out of their experience and Georgetown does a great job of building a program where students can do that. I’ve loved having the opportunity to join and lead student organizations, share professors with my full time peers and tailor my MBA experience without compromising the opportunity get involved in the our community.”

“Alex Wells

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: Media & Entertainment, Government Innovation / Engineering, Operations Management

Post-MBA Career Interests: Management Consulting

MBA Clubs or Organizations: The Consortium, MLT, Georgetown Christians in Business, Black MBA Association, Georgetown Partners and Families

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I chose Georgetown for 3 primary reasons: One of my top career goals is to be able to uplift and empower my community and Georgetown is the only program in the greater Washington DC area that is affiliated with The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, which has a mission to enhance diversity and inclusion for future leaders in America.  Second, as a man of faith and someone with high ethical values, I strongly resonate with Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition and the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded, principled leaders as classmates is priceless. Finally, I am extremely interested in getting involved in the AI, Analytics, and the Future of Work Initiative that was recently announced.”