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Certificate in the Business of Healthcare

Georgetown McDonough MBA students have the unique opportunity to earn a Certificate in the Business of Healthcare. The certificate equips students with the knowledge and skills to lead at the intersection of business and healthcare and understand the changing dynamics and pressures of the U.S. healthcare system.

Rising medical expenses and costs of prescription drugs, federal regulations, and technological disruptions underscore the unique challenges faced by business leaders in the healthcare industry. Among a growing list of reforms, there is a need for compassionate and principled leaders who can understand the complexities of the healthcare industry and identify new pathways for positive change. 

In a highly regulated field such as healthcare and medicine, the Certificate in the Business of Healthcare allows MBA students to immerse themselves in the government landscape of Washington, D.C., to examine how business and policy interact within the companies, products, and services that operate local and national healthcare markets. Within this specialization, students will learn the key subsectors of health – hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device technicians, healthcare IT firms, and medical startups – and analyze the interdisciplinary nature of the industry and how it impacts both businesses and consumers.

With an understanding of how interconnected health and well-being are to the prosperity of the U.S. economy and our communities, students will view healthcare through a Jesuit lens and propose solutions for how we can improve the healthcare system for the betterment of all.

Questions about the certificate?

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Students who elect to enroll in the certificate program will take a 10.5-credit sequence of MBA core and elective courses to develop a strong foundational understanding of theoretical and applied aspects of the healthcare industry.

Core Requirements: 3 overlapping core credits

The core discipline and intellectual framework for the course is international economics enriched by global strategy. Ethical considerations are introduced formally and experientially. Teamwork and presentation skills are learned in the context of the projects.

Elective Requirements: 1.5 elective credits

Elective Choice: 6 elective credits

You must take 6.0 elective credits of which at least 3 credits must be from list A (Healthcare-focused courses offered by the McDonough School of Business). The remaining 3 elective credits can be from either list A or list B.

Any future additions/alterations to the list of courses will be approved by the academic director.

List A (Must take at least 3 credits from this list)
McDonough electives with a clear focus on the Business of Health:

List B (No more than 3 credits from this list)
Below is a list of MBA elective courses pre-approved for the certificate within the McDonough School of Business: 

Below is a list of Georgetown University courses that focus on business of healthcare that are pre-approved for the certificate. NOTE: Students will need to request cross-registration for these courses through the MBA Program Office so enrollment can be confirmed by both programs. 

*Off-list courses, including non-MBA courses added with the approval of the certificate academic director, will meet requirements ONLY for list B courses. To request a course not on the approved list for consideration, please complete the off-list course request form.

**This list of MBA electives serves as a guide. It is subject to change and does not represent a guarantee that specific courses will be offered in specific academic years.


Sandeep Dahiya

Akkaway Professor of Entrepreneurship

Daniel Mendelson

Adjunct Professor

Alan Langlieb

Adjunct Faculty

Sudipta Dasmohapatra

Professor of the Practice (Marketing and Business Analytics) and Senior Associate Dean of MBA Programs

Kirsten Anderson

Teaching Professor

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