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Certificate in Global Real Estate

Georgetown McDonough MBA students have the unique opportunity to earn a Certificate in Global Real Estate. This certificate’s development emerged from research that included a growing interest in real estate and feedback from students, alumni, and real estate professionals. It builds upon the numerous offerings from the school’s Steers Center for Global Real Estate, as well as the strength of the alumni network.

The certificate is open to both Full-time and Flex MBA students, including those currently enrolled. It will equip students with the experiences and skills necessary to compete in the commercial real estate job market and make an impact in the field. A collaboration between the Steers Center for Global Real Estate and the MBA program, the certificate merges the rigor and reputation of the Georgetown MBA with the experiential nature and individualized attention of the Steers Center. 

Questions about the certificate? Contact Matthew Cypher at, academic director of the certificate, for questions related to academic and course requirements. Contact Cheryl Laing, marketing and recruitment coordinator of the Steers Center for Global Real Estate, at for questions related to the applications and admissions.


Kenneth Bacon, Adjunct Professor, Steers Center; Partner, Railfield

Matthew Cypher, Atara Kaufman Professor of the Practice; Director, Steers Center for Global Real Estate; and Academic Advisor, MBA Certificate in Real Estate

Jeffrey Foster, Adjunct Professor, Steers Center; Independent Director, Board of Vault Digital Infrastructure

Jeremy Healey, Adjunct Professor, Steers Center; CEO, BPT Holdings; Partner, Healey Development

James Reid, Robert and Lauren Steers Chair, Steers Center; Senior Advisor, CBRE

John Wilkinson, Adjunct Professor, Steers Center; President and Founder, Boundary Companies


Students who elect to enroll in the certificate program will take a 7.5-credit sequence of MBA elective courses to develop a strong foundational understanding in theoretical and applied aspects of commercial real estate. Upon graduation from the MBA Program, students will receive a notation on their official university transcript along with a certificate of completion. 

Certificate Elective Requirements: 7.5 elective credits 

All accepted students will enroll in the required Real Estate Private Equity (FINC 558) course, then choose three additional courses from a series of real estate electives. The certificate also will require 1.5 credits from among a set of courses in entrepreneurial finance and venture capital, valuation, financial analysis and modeling, or negotiations.

Real Estate Electives

  • Real Estate Entrepreneurship: This course will introduce students, who have an interest in creating their own real estate business, to the key elements they will need to get off the ground and become successful entrepreneurs.
  • Real Estate Private Debt: Debt financing is an integral part of value creation in real estate. Yet, beyond returns, often investors will not spend commensurate time to understand and analyze their financing and capital markets strategies.
  • Real Estate Public Debt: The goal for this course is for you to learn the mechanics and concepts of pricing risk in traded real estate debt, with particular focus on commercial mortgage-backed securities (“CMBS”) and related securities.
  • Real Estate Private Equity: This course provides an introduction to the world of private equity real estate investment with a particular focus on answering the question, “What is the real estate asset worth?”
  • Real Estate Public Equity: The instructor for this course is a former CFO of a publicly traded REIT. The course will seek to develop a deep understanding of the modern real estate investment trust (REIT), and its role in today’s capital and real estate markets.
  • Real Estate Clinic: Multifamily: The Real Estate Clinic is designed to prepare students for MBA level careers at institutional real estate investment firms by exposing them to the practice of underwriting real estate investments.
  • Real Estate Clinic: Commercial: The Real Estate Clinic is designed to prepare students for MBA level careers at institutional real estate investment firms by exposing them to the practice of underwriting real estate investments.

Real Estate Intensive Electives 

*This list of MBA electives serves as a guide. It is subject to change and does not represent a guarantee that specific courses will be offered in specific academic years.


Enrollment is limited and will be based on the application submitted to the certificate’s faculty.