Student Clubs

MBA student organizations exist to enhance the experience of all MBA students at the McDonough School of Business by integrating opportunities for practical extracurricular and co-curricular learning, industry networking, on- and off-campus experiential treks, social gatherings, and more. With over 40 active MBA student organizations, clubs are an integral part of the student experience and provide diverse opportunities for students to engage and learn with classmates, faculty and staff, the greater Georgetown community, and beyond. 

Here you will find the MBA student organizations grouped into categories. While student organizations can serve multiple purposes, they have been categorized here by their primary function. Please click on the organization for more details!

Student Governments

Elected student representatives make up the Student Government Association (SGA). The primary function of SGA is to liaise with the faculty and administration to support the ongoing development of the program. The SGA-FT pertains to the Full-time program and the SGA-FX pertains to the Flex program. The SGA also holds and facilitates academic, social, and community service events.

Student Government Association- FT

The MBA Student Government Association – FT (SGA – FT) serves the student body of Georgetown’s Full-time MBA Program. In this capacity, the SGA-FT is the primary interface between the student body and the faculty and administration. The Student Government Association-FT also plans social events and boosts alumni relations. The Student Association exists to make students’ time at the McDonough School of Business as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. The SGA-FT is ultimately responsible for major student organization decisions, management of finances, and implementation of policies and initiatives.

Student Government Association- FX

SGA- FX is a governing board of elected students that represent the interests and initiatives of the evening student body. SGA- FX strives to continuously improve the McDonough School of Business community, enhance the overall experience for its students, and maximize the value of the McDonough School of Business brand.


Industry-based student organizations focus on providing events, opportunities, and guidance toward a specific career path. These student clubs will typically hold career days, trainings, workshops, and more to allow their members to learn and grow in a business field in which they are interested.

Business and Government Alliance

The BGA mission is to facilitate students’ awareness of the opportunities that exist between the public and private spaces, and to support those individuals as they seek professional opportunities. This is a large sector, encompassing everything from government relations, contractor positions, internal agency functions, to federal consulting. The recruiting process for this sector is somewhat unique and we will provide insights and opportunities to network for interested students.

California Business Association (CalTrek)

The California Business Association is an organization of full-time and evening students interested in internships and/or post-graduation employment in California. The club organizes events on campus and an annual visit to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to network with fellow students and alumni, and to learn more about California business culture. Note that membership in the club is necessary to participate in CalTrek.

Emerging Markets Network

The mission of Emerging Markets Network (EMN) is to promote an understanding of emerging markets within the Georgetown community and to facilitate a network of globally-minded individuals to share resources for promising careers and opportunities in emerging markets. As a leading International Business program, Georgetown attracts students interested in international business, development, and service across emerging markets. EMN links the McDonough School of Business and the wider emerging markets community, working to expand our contacts and connections within the field. As EMN is open to all graduate students, we serve as a bridge between McDonough School of Business and other Georgetown graduate programs, including the School of Foreign Service and the Public Policy Institute. 

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

Entrepreneurship & VC MBA provides resources, opportunities and education for students interested in all things entrepreneurship and venture capital. Whether your interests are co-founding a business, working in venture capital, intra-preneuership at large firms or just keeping up with the startup world, we have something for everyone. Entrepreneurship & VC MBA strives to nurture creative thinker sand a get-it-done approach for entrepreneurial-focused career paths.

Finance Club

The Finance Club assists students as they prepare for careers in finance through sponsorship of career development programs and club relationships with alumni. It aims to foster an environment that encourages learning across finance functions including investment banking, corporate finance, and private wealth management.

Georgetown Consulting Club

The Georgetown Consulting Club provides members with knowledge, expertise, and networking opportunities to secure a position in the consulting industry. All those wishing to pursue a career in consulting will receive career advice and guidance. We strive to fulfill this mission by focusing on three key pillars: prepare students for careers in consulting, educating them on the industry and firms, and assisting them in applications and interview preparation; position students to make connections with consulting firms, recruiters, and alumni that will support their career search; and, advocate students’ needs and interests with the administration, and collaborate with the MBA Career Center and other offices.

Georgetown Energy and Cleantech Club

The mission of the Georgetown Energy and Cleantech Club is to expose interested students to various career opportunities and relevant trends within the energy industry through guest speaker events, energy-specific treks, alumni events, and group discussion. The club covers all areas related to the energy sector, specifically Oil & Gas, Renewable and Clean Technology, Energy Conservation, Energy Consulting, Energy Finance (including trading & corporate finance,) Energy Services, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Policy. The GECC seeks to attract more energy companies to recruit at Georgetown, as we actively display a strong core of students who are passionate about seeking a career in the sector.

Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance

The mission of the Georgetown Entertainment & Media Alliance is to provide the Georgetown McDonough community with educational and networking opportunities in the media and entertainment industry. Objectives that this mission entails include: expand the awareness of career opportunities in sports, media, and entertainment throughout McDonough community via events, publications, and online presence; improve the visibility and reputation of Georgetown MBAs in the sports, media, and entertainment communities; and, formalize the network of student body, alumni, industry associations, and faculty interested in careers, trends, and current business topics related to the sports, media, and entertainment industries.

Georgetown FinTech Club

Georgetown FinTech aims to foster a community passionate about startups, venture capital, and organizations leveraging technology to transform the financial services industry. We represent hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students interested in financial inclusion, invest-tech, reg-tech, insur-tech, blockchain, crypto-currency, lending, alternative finance, digital banking, and a whole lot more!

Georgetown Hospitality and Lodging Club

The Mission of Hospitality and Lodging Club is to give students with a passion for service a space to share interests and develop a professional network. The Club is leveraging Georgetown’s strategic location in D.C. to build strong relationships with industry leaders such as Hilton, Marriott, Choice, HOST, Park, and others. 

We try to hold happy hours off-campus at various hotels around D.C. in order to accommodate both FT and EP/FX schedules. Activities include company presentations, property tours, networking events, and happy hours. Come join us!

Georgetown Operations and Management Association

We are the Operations Club of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. We pride ourselves at being the club that bridges the gap between classroom teaching and practical application in the field of operations.

Georgetown Real Estate Society

Georgetown Real Estate Society (“GRES”) is a professional club dedicated to promoting real estate within Georgetown University. GRES connects students interested in real estate, promotes networking with alumni and top real estate firms, and educates students on careers and the industry.

Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association

The Georgetown McDonough Retail and Luxury Association is a graduate student-run organization dedicated to establishing connections between McDonough School of Business Students and the Retail and Luxury Industry. The Georgetown MRLA strives to foster knowledge, interest and careers of Georgetown Students within the retail and luxury industry through on-campus speakers, events and experiences, promoting both career connections and potential employment opportunities.

Graduate Investment Fund

The Graduate Investment Fund (GIF) is a student-managed fund, comprised of endowments and alumni contributions. Members actively participate in evaluating current and potential investments for the fund’s portfolio. Any member has the opportunity to pitch a stock to the broader club with their investment thesis and recommendations.

Graduate Marketing Association

The Graduate Marketing Association prepares McDonough School of Business students to succeed in all types of marketing careers, including brand management, entrepreneurship, consulting, business development, and general management. GMA does this through: education in marketing frameworks and the benefits of a marketing-based perspective; by providing mentorship, seminars, resume review, and internship workshops; by forging company relationships; and by facilitating alumni interaction. These services prepare our members to aggressively promote themselves for internships and full-time positions.

Healthcare Business Alliance

The Healthcare Business Alliance (HBA) is a student organization encompassing all Georgetown Graduate students who are interested in the business of the healthcare industry. By fostering a strong community of students who are passionate about healthcare, as well as providing educational and professional development opportunities, we strive to support all students who are interested in entering the healthcare industry whether in an internship or full-time capacity.


HoyAlytics is a cutting-edge initiative at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. The HoyAlytics mission is twofold: 1. Help non-data savvy students get their feet wet with data analytics, and 2. Get data-minded students together to advance their current skills in analytics. HoyAlytics seeks to be a club by students for students to advance the interests of students.  

Human Capital and Leadership

HCAL seeks to enhance the skill set of future leaders at MSB and leverage the idea that people are the most important assets in any company. HCAL emphasizes the human capital return on investment in terms of bringing innovation, efficiency and productivity to every function and industry. Our club is for all current and future leaders who are eager to reach the next level in their professional development. Throughout the year we highlight strategic talent management, organizational development and executive-level skill sets. 

Net Impact

Net Impact’s programs and events seek to bring students, employers, and thought leaders together through career resources, community building, and extracurricular programs.

Alternative Investments & Strategy Club

AISC aims to connect students who are interested in alternative investments and corporate strategy with experienced alumni, potential employers, and influential business leaders currently working in the space. The organization strives to provide members with education and practical training, networking opportunities, recruiting opportunities, and to create a supportive community within Georgetown. AISC is meant to better enable all those who join to succeed as respected investors, business leaders, or entrepreneurs.

Technology Club

The Tech Club provides a professional and social network for MBA students interested in making a difference in all business aspects of technology. Technology is vital in every post-MBA career path, and we hope to create a dynamic community of MBA students with a passion for high-tech, innovation, and design-focused thinking.


Affinity-based student organizations are centered around a particular identity, and those who are interested in learning more about that identity. Through business-related programming, these organizations focus on creating community and inclusive spaces, celebrating, advancing, and bringing awareness to a specific culture, religion, interest, lived experience, and more. 

Asia Business Consortium

Asia Business Consortium (ABC) is designed to promote the U.S. and Asian business and cultural interaction by providing a wide range of programs and networking opportunities to the Georgetown graduate community. Members of the Asia Business Consortium consist of students with either a regional background or interest in Asia, bringing diversity and unique perspective to McDonough.

Black MBA Association

A community of students largely consisting of Black, African-American, and other minority students who share a common goal of enriching their McDonough School of Business experience while pursuing personal and career goals. The goal of the Black MBA Association is to cultivate diversity and increase the representation of Black leaders in business. We are a community that shares a common goal of enriching the McDonough School of Business experience while pursuing personal and career goals.

European Business Association

The mission of the European Business Association (EBA) is to provide an active link between the Georgetown MBA Program and the European business world. The EBA was founded in the fall semester of 1999 to address student, professional, and cultural issues from a European perspective.

Georgetown Christians in Business

GCiB serves the McDonough School of Business community by providing welcoming opportunities to connect, serve, build community, reflect, and explore the intersection of business and the Christian faith.

Georgetown Korea Association

Georgetown Korea Association (GKA) is a student organization of Georgetown MBA students interested in both cultural and business aspects of Korea. We provide cultural experience and career opportunities to Georgetown students through coordinating various cultural events and employer presentations. We are committed to creating a strong and active link between Georgetown communities and global Korean companies.

Georgetown Partners and Families

Georgetown Partners and Families is a social and professional networking organization for the spouses and significant others (i.e. engaged, dating) of graduate students. Our purpose is to help further connect partners with the Georgetown community. Partners find the association to be a breath of fresh air as we are all experiencing many of the same life changes– moving to a new geographic location, finding new jobs, getting married, having children, and balancing all of the changes for two lives. Partners have busy schedules, so we are mindful of everyone’s time and plan social events that are fun and relaxing, as well as professional events that are efficient and targeted.

Greater China Business Association

Our club’s mission is to increase awareness and understanding of greater China markets and business landscapes among McDonough School of Business MBA students. The objectives of the Greater China Business Association are: to educate MBAs on business, social, and cultural issues of China, to understand China’s role in the global economy, to increase dialogue between MBAs and China, and to foster professional development for MBAs interested in doing business in or with the greater China area. These activities will promote school brand recognition in the greater China region and enhance business networks for future growth. Greater China includes countries and regions with a strong Chinese influence.

Graduate Women in Business

GWiB is a professional development and advocacy group of forward-looking and courageous business trailblazers who share in the goal of empowering women and our male allies. GWiB is a chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA). 

Japan Society

The objectives of the Japan Society are to serve the community’s academic and professional needs, to improve recognition and the reputation of Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business in Japanese business society, and to support the club members’ academic and professional activities after graduation. Activities of the club include bridging the Georgetown MBA Program and Japanese business community in Washington, introducing Japanese business issues and culture to the Georgetown MBA community, promoting Georgetown presence and status among Japanese business school applicants, building a strong relationship and interactive network with alumni throughout the world, and researching jobs, managing job information, and assisting students in job searches.

Jewish Business Alliance

The Jewish Business Alliance is comprised of Jewish and general community members. We provide traditional, social, and business networking opportunities at the business school and beyond. Additionally, we provide innovative ways to celebrate traditional Jewish holidays, gatherings, events, and speakers with our partners in the region and beyond.

Latin American Business Association

In the Latin American Business Association (LABA), we are committed to sharing our culture and engaging our members through academic and social activities to enrich their international MBA experience.

McDonough Military Association

McDonough Military Association is a diverse veteran network which promotes veterans and their unique experiences while supporting their transition from the military into the business world through engagement, outreach, and community. We accomplish this by recruiting and supporting high-quality veteran candidates through outreach and coordination with the McDonough School of Business Admissions Office; facilitating career-oriented professional development and career transition assistance; and, serving fellow students and the broader Georgetown community through outreach, partnering, and service events.

Middle East Business Association

The mission of the Middle East Business Association is to promote an understanding of business affairs in the Middle East and North Africa region to Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business community through business and cultural events. Bringing together MBA students interested in or affiliated with the Middle East, the organization provides a professional network for those interested in career opportunities related to the region, and a personal network to foster lifetime friendships.


Out@MSB is a student organization in Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business (MSB) for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and ally (LGBTQA) students registered in the MBA program. Out@MSB’s mission is to foster a supportive environment for professional development; facilitate social interaction and networking among students, alumni, business professionals, and members of other LGBTQIA student organizations; provide a forum for the examination of business issues relating to the intersections of sexual orientation, race, gender, ability status and other forms of identity and expression; increase the visibility of the LGBTQIA community at MSB and provide opportunities for interaction among students of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions in order to create awareness; and, promote MSB’s MBA program to diversity-minded companies, LGBTQIA business leaders, and prospective students and faculty.

South Asian Business Alliance

SABA leverages the strong South Asian community on campus and helps foster a greater understanding of South Asia both culturally and professionally within the McDonough School of Business. We provide holistic support to all the members in professional, cultural, and social aspects. SABA focuses on providing resources & guidance and creates career-enhancing opportunities for all the members. SABA also promotes the South Asian culture with the McDonough School of Business by hosting and promoting cultural events throughout the year.

Social and Special Interest

Social and special interests clubs integrate personal interests and pastimes into the MBA experience. Ranging from workshops to service projects and mountain treks, there are plenty of opportunities to explore.

Adam Smith Society

The Adam Smith Society is a community of business school students and alumni who believe that business, entrepreneurship, and commerce are wellsprings that keep this country vibrant, creative, prosperous, and free. Our members are dedicated to exploring the links among the economy, government, and society through rigorous debate and discussion. The Society aims to build an influential network of future business leaders dedicated to preserving and strengthening the free-market economic system. In concert with dedicated MBA student leaders, the national office of the Adam Smith Society underwrites and helps to coordinate a series of exclusive on-campus events that give MBA students access to prominent business leaders, academics, journalists, and public officials. Speakers discuss their experiences and offer insights about the connections between successful businesses, the maintenance of our nation’s free institutions, and a robust civil society. We hope to inspire business students to think about their own responsibility in seeing our economic system endure.

Beer Appreciation Society

The Georgetown MBA Beer Appreciation Society (BAS) is an association of MBA students, faculty, and alumni dedicated to broadening the community of beer enthusiasts at the McDonough School of Business and to forging strong bonds among members of all backgrounds and professional aspirations.

The mission of BAS is to provide business leaders of today and tomorrow an opportunity to build connections throughout appreciation for quality beer.

Georgetown Explorers Club

The Georgetown Explorers Club is focused on the exploration of the natural and cultural world, adventure and immersion, and fostering lasting connections between members of the Georgetown community.

In addition to the annual international travel adventure trek, we organize frequent local activities to strengthen our community, enable members to explore the region, and connect with like-minded peers, near and far.

Georgetown Gourmet Society

We are a group of McDonough School of Business foodies (and their significant others) who enjoy great food and company! We offer numerous casual events throughout the year: dinners out, cooking tutorials, free treats, etc. You don’t have to cook to enjoy this group – just have an interest in connecting over food with the Hoya community.

Georgetown Tabletop Games Club

The Georgetown Tabletop Games Club (GTGC) aims to intellectually engage our members in a wide variety of tabletop games, where we encourage them to develop creative, strategic, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills. We aim to facilitate networking and new friendships for McDonough School of Business students through a safe, fun, and casual environment.

Georgetown Wine Society

The mission of the Georgetown Wine Society is to provide an education forum for students, faculty, and staff interested in wine and to provide intra-McDonough School of Business networking opportunities. The Georgetown Wine Society brings together all MBA programs, classes, and partners for fun and educational wine events throughout the year.

MBA Golf Club

The Georgetown McDonough Golf Club promotes the game of golf as a means to enjoy the outdoors, compete, and also cultivate a key business skill (networking/doing business on the course) for all level of golfers in the MSB program.

MBA Volunteers

MBA Volunteers is Georgetown McDonough’s graduate student community service club. We connect Georgetown MBA students to the Washington, D.C., community by coordinating volunteer events, posting volunteer opportunities on our calendar, running fundraisers, and coordinating the Month of Volunteerism.

McDonough Sports Club

Welcome to McDonough Sports Club! Our group brings together a community of MBA students at Georgetown who love all kinds of sports, be that running and swimming, basketball and soccer, or squash, ping pong, and more. We encourage you to use this group to find others that are also interested in your sport. Game on!