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Undergraduate Program Ranks First for Accounting Based on Alumni Salaries

Georgetown University’s McDonough Undergraduate Program ranked the best earning potential for graduating accountants, according to a study conducted by Best Accounting Software

Graduates of the McDonough School of Business can expect to earn an average salary of $83,100, which is nearly $40,000 more than the average of $46,528 — and $17,800 more than Santa Clara University in California, which ranked second on Best Accounting Software’s list. 

Highest-ranking colleges based on earning potential for graduating accountants

Students graduating from this program also enjoy a relatively low amount of debt – a median amount of $15,500, almost $10,000 lower than the national average of $25,351. 

The accounting program at McDonough also holds an impressive graduation rate at 94%. 

The District of Columbia also holds the top spot for average graduating salaries for accounting students and the annual mean wage for experienced accountants. Students graduating from colleges in Washington, D.C., can expect to earn the highest graduating salaries with a state average starting salary of $55,700. 

Best Accounting Software’s Data is based on the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard tool to analyze all of the colleges that offered a bachelor’s degree in accounting. The colleges were ranked based on their median salary for students graduating with a degree in accounting. 

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