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  • Bitcoin Bonanza Must Be Met With Smart, Tailored Regulation

    An op-ed by James Angel, associate professor: “The speculative frenzy in so-called cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin brings up important public policy questions. Legitimate institutions such as the CME and CBOE are launching bitcoin financial products.”

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  • After The Faster Payments Task Force, What Next?

    “We need an ecosystem that allows anyone to pay anyone they want, anyway they want in an efficient, safe manner,” adds James Angel, associate professor at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, who was on the original task force. He has since been assigned the Governance Framework Formation Team, an interim work group to implement the recommendations.

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  • A Virginia Start-Up Embraces Cryptocurrency To Raise 00,000

    “The problem is there’s some grandmother out there that’s going to lose 10,000 bucks,” said Jim Hunt, a technology investor who teaches an investment class at Georgetown University’s business school.

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  • 12 Phrases You Should Definitely Avoid When Giving Bad News

    Even if you didn’t make the decision behind the bad news, you need to act like the company is unified. Going against your boss could get you in trouble, says Robert Bies, PhD, professor of management at Georgetown University. Plus, emphasizing that you don’t like the decision “comes across as trying to avoid responsibility,” he says. Tough decisions are part of the job, so stay accountable instead of shifting the blame.

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  • Admissions Director Q&A: Shelly Heinrich of Georgetown McDonough

    We recently had the opportunity to speak with Shelly Heinrich, the interim associate dean of MBA admissions at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. She has capably stepped in to lead the team since Shari Hubert left to lead admissions at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business earlier this fall. With more than 13 years of experience in the higher education, corporate, and nonprofit sectors, Heinrich is currently responsible for leading Georgetown’s MBA admissions team in marketing and operational strategy while also building awareness of and recruiting for the full-time and evening MBA programs.

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  • Research Shows Jerks Get Ahead In Spite Of Their Jerkiness

    An op-ed by Christine Porath, associate professor: “Does it really pay to be civil? Or do jerks get ahead? Some point to leaders that seem to succeed even though they behave uncivilly, but after researching the topic for over two decades, I believe those people have succeeded despite their incivility.”

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  • Novelli Wins Social Impact Award

    Bill Novelli, distinguished professor of the practice and founder of the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, has been awarded the Passion for Carin

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  • Trump Administration Pushes Apprenticeships As Millions Of Jobs Remain Open

    “We would need to re envision what an apprenticeship is for it to be successful in the future,” said Brooks Holtom, a professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He says it would take a change in mindset to create apprenticeships in sectors like health care, information technologies or data analytics. And Holtom says those are the sectors that need openings filled. “I’m not sure that a program that is not focused on those high demand jobs is going to be all that helpful,” said Holtom.

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  • Malls Tout Black Friday Deals, But Many Shoppers Will Go Online

    Marlene Towns, a professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, said retailers have tried to stretch the magic of Black Friday sales too much, to the point where many people believe the better deals will be unveiled closer to Christmas. “It’s definitely lost some of its sparkle as a special day,” Towns said, adding: “We’ve seen Black Friday sales and deals online for the last several weeks. It’s kind of diluted its importance.”

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  • The Last Straw? Uber Loyalists Tested by String of Scandals

    Marlene Towns, a professor at Georgetown University’s business school who studies brand values, said Uber is testing the boundaries of how many scandals people will endure. While data breaches are personal to people, she still thinks Uber will get through this scandal as well. “We have a short memory as consumers,” she said. “We tend to be if not forgiving, forgetful.”

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