McDonough School of Business

Integrated Writing Requirement

Business Relevant Writing

Within the diverse majors of the business school, the type of writing will vary, but creating concise prose that clearly communicates one’s ideas is the foundation of being a successful business leader.  It is expected that upon graduation, business majors will mostly engage in the writing of white papers, presentation decks, emails, and other general memos.

Critical skills in all of these types of writing include understanding the audience and being able to convey relevant information in a clear, effective, and accurate manner. Sloppy prose at best can cause confusion and at worst can potentially cause unexpected litigation against organizations. Additionally, Georgetown McDonough graduates need to recognize that business executives value writing that can communicate messages in a cursory examination. 

Writing assignments are embedded throughout the curriculum and students will build a portfolio of writing samples that they would be proud to show any employer.


With the following courses, business majors will advance their ability to write in the relevant forms and styles and develop writing competency.