Board Member Mohammed Dewji (B’98)

Mo Dewji BoA

Mohammed Dewji is a Tanzanian businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former politician. He currently serves as the President of MeTL Group, a Tanzanian conglomerate operating in 8 African countries with revenues that exceeded $1.74 billion in 2020. Dewji previously served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Singida-Urban from 2005 until his retirement in 2015. Dewji also is the Founder and Trustee of the Mo Dewji Foundation, which focuses on health, education, and community development programs across Tanzania. In 2016, Dewji joined the Gates-Buffet Giving Pledge where he committed to donating half of his $1.6 billion net worth to philanthropic causes.

Dewji received a BSBA from the McDonough School of Business.