It’s no mistake that Georgetown University was founded in 1789 in the nation’s new capital city. With a goal of educating new generations of principled leaders, Georgetown’s location at the intersection of business, policy, and international affairs is still relevant today.

At Georgetown McDonough, we offer students many “only-in-D.C.” experiences that capture life in a global capital city. Students go off campus for immersive site visits and career treks along industry lines. Students and faculty alike partner with organizations like The World Bank on research projects. Research centers regularly host policy briefings on campus or on Capitol Hill to connect academics to practice. The school recently created a new MBA Certificate in Nonmarket Strategy to promote a deeper understanding of the ways in which business success and principled leadership are shaped by complex regulatory, political, cultural, and social forces beyond the market.

The school often acts as a global convener. It’s common for global dignitaries, business executives, and other leaders to speak on campus while they are in the city. Additionally, the numerous government, business, nonprofit, and NGO leaders who call Washington home regularly spend time in our classrooms as guest lecturers or professors.