EML Student Experience

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Executive Master’s in Leadership Cohorts

Over 12 months, EML students participate in intensive group-work and experiential residencies that help build a true cohort of peer leaders and mentors that learn from each other. The cohort format allows students to build trust-based relationships that endure long after the completion of the program.

Students inside the Hariri building.

“The diversity of experiences and perspectives made for stimulating discussions in each and every class. The student collaboration and discussions led to friendships and associations that will go forward well beyond the program. The residencies also were valuable because, in many ways, they were an extension of the discussions we had in class.“

– Gerald Bruce (EML’12)

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EML Residencies

Opening Residency: Evidence-based Leadership

The opening residency inspires students to begin thinking more deeply and systematically about their perspectives on leadership and the arenas in which they plan to demonstrate leadership.

Global Business Experience: Leading in an International Context

The global residency, a signature Georgetown McDonough experience, provides students the opportunity to implement concepts learned in the classroom to a leadership-focused consulting project for a client based in the residency location. Cohorts in the past have traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, and Cape Town, South Africa, for the global residency.

Closing Residency: Bringing It Home

This residency places significant emphasis on the understanding and application of selected Jesuit disciplines such as contemplative action and daily examination. Before attending the Closing Residency, students will have created personal leadership action plans, which help them prepare for discussions about future growth and success as leaders.

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The Alumni Experience

Making the decision to enroll in a Georgetown McDonough executive degree program is more than a career-building move — it is a life-changing experience. After you finish your degree, you will have an open invitation to participate in our Lifelong Learning program, which allows you to return to our classrooms to refresh your knowledge, reconnect with faculty, and meet other executive degree alumni. Through this program, you have the opportunity to audit up to one elective course per year with our current Executive MBA students.

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