MBA Class Profiles 2021

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Meet the Full-time and Flex MBA Program entering classes of 2021 — a group of students who bring academic, professional, and personal diversity to our programs, and who are driven to effect change in the world of global business. What will you bring to next year’s class?

Full-time MBA Class Profile

Full-time MBA 2021 class profile

Flex MBA Class Profile

Flex MBA 2021 class profile
* U.S. Diversity signifies African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and Native American
** Includes U.S. servicemembers (Active Duty and Reserve) and veterans
*** Other industries include Not-for-Profit & Social Impact, Healthcare, Real Estate, Hospitality & Tourism, Construction, Energy & CleanTech, Consumer Goods & Retail, International Development, Computer & Electronic Products, Entertainment & Media, Construction, Education, Law, Entrepreneurship, International Development, Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, PR & Advertising, Telecommunications, and Transportation

70% have lived, worked, or studied abroad
Full-time and flex MBAs hail from 46 different countries
World map highlighted with MBA student's home countries

Countries Represented

  • Argentina | Australia | Bangladesh | Belgium | Bolivia | Brazil | Canada | China | Colombia | Costa Rica | Democratic Republic of Congo | Ecuador | El Salvador | France | Georgia | Germany | Ghana | Greece | India | Iraq | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Lebanon | Mexico | Morocco | Nepal | Nigeria | Pakistan | Peru | Philippines | Portugal | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Singapore | South Korea | Switzerland | Taiwan | Thailand | Turkey | Ukraine | United Kingdom | United States | Uruguay | Venezuela

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